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Student-Athlete Support Services 

Community Service

As a University of Utah student athlete, athletes are viewed as a role model in the Salt Lake community. Student athletes have many opportunities to become involved in the community, thus giving back to the community in return for all the support it gives to Utah Athletics. The most visible program is the Utes Speakers' Bureau. Student athletes venture into local schools to speak on a variety of different issues that include, staying in school, detriments of drug and alcohol abuse, handling peer pressure and making choices. Athletes are trained prior to their first speaking engagement.

In addition to Utes Speakers Bureau, Utah student-athletes are involved in a variety of other outreach programs including, Special Olympics, Boys and Girls Club of Utah, Utah Aids Foundations, Homeless Shelter, Project Youth, Children's Hospital, etc.

It is the Athletics Departments hope that each student athlete will have the desire to become involved in some form of community service, whether through individual or team efforts. 


Lincoln Elementary

Other Opportunities - Contact Taryn Horner (thorner@huntsman.utah.edu)

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