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Student-Athlete Support Services 

Beth Wolfgram, Sports Dietician
Beth Wolfgram
(801) 557-3912

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Student Athlete Nutrition

The University of Utah sports nutrition program provides comprehensive performance nutrition services to each student athlete. New scholarship athletes complete a nutrition screening when they arrive on campus. After completing this screening, the sports dietitian will identify areas of improvement or concern and provide sports nutrition counseling for specific challenges such as weight loss, weight gain, disordered eating, maintaining energy levels and medical conditions. The sports dietitian also works with individual athletes and teams addressing topics such as pre-competition meals, post-competition meals and hydration. Recommendations are made based on a variety of factors such as type of sport, time of year, travel schedule, living arragements and financial situation. The sports dietitian also assists in ensuring dietary supplements meet NCAA guidelines.

The goal of the sports nutrition department is to help athletes learn healthy behaviors that will assist them during their athletic career, as well as, to help them lead a healthy lifestyle post-competitive career. The sports dietitian works closely with the athletic trainers, strength coaches and student Athlete Wellness Team to ensure the overall health of the student athlete. The sports nutrition program employs a full time registered dietitian (RD) who is nationaly certified as a Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) and serves as a practicum site for graduate students in the Universtiy of Utah sports dietetics program.   

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