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The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) governs the actions of the University of Utah's coaches and student-athletes and has explicit guidelines that regulate the operation of our athletics programs. Institutional control is a fundamental requirement of NCAA legislation. Institutional control includes oversight and responsibility for the actions of coaches, staff, student-athletes and boosters, whether or not the university is aware of those actions.

The University of Utah Compliance Office is responsible for ensuring that individuals and groups representing the institution's athletics programs comply with all pertinent institutional, Pac-12 Conference, and NCAA regulations. The integrity of the institution is upheld by promptly investigating any known or alleged rules violations and self-reporting any confirmed infractions. In addition, the Compliance Office strives to establish a student-athlete and coach-focused environment by providing effective and consistent interpretations of Pac-12 Conference and NCAA legislation. This goal is advanced by providing the institution's athletics teams with every opportunity to be successful in their endeavors within the confines of the rules.

This compliance site will further assist coaches, prospective student-athletes, current student-athletes, athletics representatives/boosters, agents and anyone else interested in intercollegiate athletics and the University of Utah. Compliance is everyone's responsibility and we need help in ensuring the growth and success of Utah Athletics.

The information below is designed to provide education on the "do's and don'ts" outlined by the NCAA and to provide information to better inform those interested in the procedures of intercollegiate athletics.

Contact Us

Office Address
1825 E. South Campus Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Fax: (801) 585-5023

Kate Charipar
Assistant Athletic Director - Compliance
(801) 585-1629

Director - Compliance

Sean Farrell
Director - Compliance
(801) 573-5129
e-mail Sean

Nathan Burk
Assistant Director - Compliance
(801) 556-9536
e-mail Nathan  

Zak Pendleton
Eligibility Coordinator
(801) 683-9257
e-mail Zak

Related Contacts

Suzanne Jones
Associate Registrar/Athletic Eligibility
Phone: (801) 581-8972
Fax: (801) 585-7860
e-mail Suzanne

Karen Paisley
Faculty Athletics Representative
Phone: (801) 581-8221
e-mail Karen

Leila Ames
Athletics Financial Aid Manager
Phone: (801) 581-8676
e-mail Leila

Ryan Randall
Athletics Ombudsman
Phone: (801) 571-7066
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