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National Letter of Intent

A validly executed NLI binds a prospective student-athlete to the University of Utah and requires the University of Utah to offer the prospective student-athlete athletically-related financial aid for one year. After a prospect signs the NLI, all other institutions must immediately cease recruiting activities until the prospect enrolls at the four-year college (at which time written permission to contact is needed) or the signed NLI is invalidated.

Please refer to the NLI website and the Request for Athletic Grant-in-Aid and National Letter of Intent (COMPfinaid_002) form that can be turned in to the administrative staff member that prepares each sport's NLI documents.

If you have any additional questions, please see the Compliance Office or your sport's administrative staff member that deals with the NLI.

Prior to Signing

Eligibility to Sign NLI
Only the following types of prospects are eligible to sign an NLI:

NLI Penalty for Prospective Student-Athlete
A prospect that does not honor an NLI is subject to a penalty of (1) one year-in-residence at the prospect's new institution and (2) loss of one season of competition in all sports. This penalty is not applicable to a prospect that engages in a mission of 18 or more months prior to initial enrollment and subsequently attends another institution. This penalty is also not applicable to a prospect that, prior to enrollment at a four-year institution, graduates from a two-year college more than one year after signing the NLI and subsequently attends another institution.

Delivery of the NLI
NCAA legislation prohibits institutions from hand delivering the NLI to a prospect at an off-campus location. The NLI also may not be delivered to a prospect by a third-party. The NLI may be delivered via express mail, courier service, regular mail, or facsimile machine. The NLI may be hand delivered to the prospect at an on-campus location with the understanding that the prospect will take the NLI home to sign it. (See note regarding on-campus signing below).

Concurrent with Signing

Signing of the NLI
The NLI should be signed by the prospect at an off-campus location. Coaches may not be present at the signing. It is strongly recommended that no signings occur on-campus, as the University of Utah will be held strictly liable for a violation of NCAA rules if the press releases information regarding the on-campus signing. If extenuating circumstances necessitate an on-campus signing, please contact the Compliance Office in order to arrange a private signing.

For the NLI to be valid, a prospect must sign within 14 days of the date of the Athletic Director's signature. The signed NLI must be filed with the Pac-12 Conference Office within 21 days of the date of the signature of the prospect or the prospect's parent (whichever is later).

Phone Calls
In sports other than football, institutional staff members may make unlimited telephone calls to a prospect on the initial date for signing the NLI and for two days immediately following the initial signing date. In football, institutional staff members may make unlimited telephone calls to prospects during the periods 48 hours before and 48 hours after 7:00 A.M. on the initial signing date.

NLI Dead Period
During the dead period, it is not permissible to have on- or off-campus contact with a prospect, to evaluate a prospect, to speak at any banquet or meeting where prospects or present, or to visit a prospect's educational institution. It remains permissible to send recruiting materials.

Content of NLI Mailing
The NLI mailing should include a cover letter explaining the NLI, the NLI itself, the University of Utah's Athletic Tender of Financial Assistance, the 2005 NCAA Graduation Rates Report, and the official list of NCAA banned substances. Please note that new NCAA legislation provides that other recruiting materials may not accompany an NLI that is sent to a domestic student-athlete by any type of express mailing service.

These materials will be prepared by each sport's administrative staff member. Please see the attached protocol list in order to determine the proper procedures for preparing and distributing the NLI.

Comments Prior to Signing
Prior to receiving a valid, final signed copy of an NLI, an institutional staff member may not comment on a prospect except to acknowledge the institution's recruitment of that prospect. Comments regarding the athletics ability of the prospect are prohibited.

Subsequent to Signing

Comments Subsequent to Signing and Institutional Press Releases
Once a valid, signed copy of a prospect's NLI has been received, a coach or staff member may comment regarding a prospect, including comments regarding the prospect's athletics ability and potential contribution to the program. This information may be included in a press release through the Sports Information Office. No press conferences are permitted except as described below. There is no longer a requirement that subsequent press releases contain the same information as the original press release. Once the institution has received a valid NLI (signed NLI and signed institutional tender offer), the institution may release information regarding the prospect (which may include audio/video clips of the prospect) at its discretion.

Press Conferences
As a general rule, press conferences surrounding the NLI are prohibited.

A coach may participate in a media activity devoted to a prospective student-athlete, provided the institution does nothing to assist in initiating or arranging the media activity. Notify the Compliance Office to verify permissibility of any prospect-initiated media activities.

Miscellaneous Activities:

Recruiting Materials
After a prospect has signed an NLI, he/she may receive the following:

Transcripts and Standardized Test Scores
After signing, we may pay costs for a prospect's transcripts and standardized test scores to be sent to the institution and the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Except during dead periods, NCAA legislation provides that a coach may have “unlimited” contacts with prospects that have signed a valid NLI. However, please note that all other recruiting legislation still applies to all other prospects. Thus, in applicable sports, a coach still may not visit a prospect's educational institution more than once per week. In addition, contact with a prospect cannot occur prior to or the day of the prospect's contest or tournament (until the competition is complete and the prospect has been released by his/her coach).

Except during dead periods, NCAA legislation provides that a coach may evaluate a prospect an “unlimited” number of times after the prospect has signed an NLI. However, as with contacts, all recruiting legislation still applies to all other prospects. For example, even if a prospect has signed an NLI, a coach in the sport of basketball may only evaluate a particular prospect's athletics team five times during a given academic year. Please note that a visit (without contact) to a prospect's educational institution counts as an evaluation for all prospects in that sport at the educational institution.

Telephone Calls
After the calendar day that a prospect signs an NLI, there is no limit on the number of telephone calls that can be made to that prospect or the prospect's parents or relatives.

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