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Recruiting Calenders

The calendars available below intend to inform coaches of the relevant recruiting periods. Coaches should refer to these calendars often. Please review prior to engaging in any on- or off-campus recruiting activity. If a question remains as to whether a recruiting activity is permissible during a period, please contact the Compliance Office.

Contact Period
During a contact period, coaching staff members may contact and/or evaluate prospects at off-campus sites.

Evaluation Period
During an evaluation period, coaching staff members may assess the academic qualifications and/or athletics ability of a prospect at off-campus locations. In-person, off-campus recruiting contacts are not permitted during the evaluation period. The coach may speak with counselors and high school coaches, but may not speak with prospects. In addition, a coach many not have any activities/tests conducted on his/her behalf.

Quiet Period
During a quiet period, staff members are permitted to make in-person contacts with prospects only on the institution’s campus. Off-campus contacts and evaluations are not permitted during a quiet period.

Dead Period
During a dead period, it is not permissible for anyone associated with the University of Utah to contact or evaluate prospects on or off the institution’s campus. It remains permissible for a coach to write or call a prospect during a dead period.

Recruiting Calenders 2012-13


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