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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Some basic information about financial aid is provided below. If you are a current student-athlete and require additional information concerning athletic scholarships, please contact the University of Utah Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at (801) 581-6211 or visit http://www.financialaid.utah.edu/.

Please be aware that outside scholarships (aid from any source other than athletics) can impact individual and team financial aid limitations. Student-athletes must check with their head coach and/or the Compliance Office before accepting any outside financial aid.

Terms & Conditions of Athletically-Related Aid
All student-athletes (freshmen and transfers) on athletics aid/scholarship receive their scholarship for one year. However, the Athletics Department reserves the right to award aid on a semester-by-semester basis (except for student-athletes in their first year following the signing of a National Letter of Intent). Each academic year, student-athletes must sign a receipt acknowledging acceptance of their athletics aid.

Renewals/Reductions/Cancellations of Athletics Aid
The renewal of institutional financial aid must be made on or before July 1 prior to the academic year in which the aid will be distributed. Student-athletes receiving an athletics scholarship during the previous year will be notified as to whether their aid has been renewed, increased, reduced, or cancelled. Athletics aid granted by an NCAA institution may not be awarded for a period of more than one year. At the end of each academic year, aid may be renewed, increased, reduced, or cancelled at the discretion of the institution. Athletics scholarships may be reduced or cancelled during the period of the award if a student-athlete:

Athletics scholarships may not be reduced or cancelled during the period of the award on the basis of:

Please note that outside of the period of the award, an athletics scholarship can be reduced or cancelled for any reason - including an athletics reason - at the discretion of the institution.

If a student-athlete's scholarship is cancelled, reduced, or not renewed for any reason, the student-athlete has the right to appeal this decision to the Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships within 14 business days.

Summer School Athletics Aid
Student-athletes receiving athletics scholarships during the regular academic year are eligible to apply for summer school aid. Those wishing to receive athletics aid for summer school must apply through their Athletics Academic Advisor during Spring Semester. A committee comprised of Academic Services staff will consider the application for approval. If you have any questions, visit your Athletics Academic Advisor.

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