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Conference Statement on Sportsmanship
"The Constitution of the Pac-12 Conference cites as a purpose of the conference that its members shall participate in its athletics program on the basis of mutual trust and confidence and based upon high standards, scholarship, and sportsmanship. It adds that the members value quality competitive opportunities for student-athletes, compliance with the rules of fair play, and sportsmanship.

Understanding that realization of those goals requires that opponents respect each other and admire earnest effort made fairly in the pursuit of victory, the conference shall require adherence to the standards it has adopted or which are set forth in the respective playing rules. It will require ethical conduct worthy of the educational stature and the standards of its member institutions.

While victory shall be the expected goal of every competitor, defeat is not a disgrace, and the prospect of defeat is never an excuse for unethical behavior or a lack of sportsmanship. Adherence to these principles will maximize the benefits and enjoyment of intercollegiate competition for all participants, coaches, and spectators."

Acts in Violation of Conference Sportsmanship Policy

Physical Abuse

Incitement to Inappropriate Action

Obscene Gestures and Language

Public Criticism by Coach/Student-Athlete

Public Criticism by Other Institutional Personnel

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