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Utes/Life Skills Program


  • NEWS: Utah CHAMPS Program Wins National Recognition Award

    The UTES/Life Skills program provides student-athletes with the personal and professional skills necessary for successful and productive futures. UTES is an acronym for "Utes Striving Toward Excellence and Success." The program stresses leadership and encourages contribution within the community. The focus of the program is on the individual student athlete as a whole person-academically, athletically and emotionally-and on the changing needs and skills of the individual in the years during college and after graduation. This program establishes an administrative commitment to academic and athletic excellence. The UTES program, a personalized version of the NCAA CHAMPS program, consists of five vital components:

    Academic Support Services

  • Student Athlete Handbook
  • Orientation
  • Study Table
  • Mentor Program
  • Tutorial Services
  • Academic Advising and Counseling
  • Computer Services
  • Awards, Honors and Recognition

    Athletics Commitment

  • Compliance
  • Broad Program of Sports Opportunities
  • Coaching and Support Staff
  • Media Relations
  • Sports Medicine/Strength and Conditioning
  • Excellence in Facilities, Operations and Equipment
  • Faculty Athletics Representative

    Personal Growth and Development

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anger Management
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Understanding Diversity
  • Sexual Responsibility/Relationships
  • Alcohol Choices/Addictive Behaviors
  • Dealing with Depression and Grief

    Career Development

  • Career Interest Inventory/Choosing a Major
  • Mentor Program/Job Shadowing
  • Internships
  • Resume Preparation
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Interviewing Skills/Mock Interviews
  • Graduate School
  • Networking
  • Agents

    Community Service

  • Utes' Speakers Bureau
  • Community Service Projects
  • School is Cool Jam

    NCAA Student-Athlete Links

  • Student-Athlete Life
  • Eligibility and Recruiting
  • Competition
  • Health and Safety
  • News

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