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Athletic Training

Utah Sports Medicine Staff

Team Physicians:

Robert T Burks, MD
Patrick E. Greis, MD
Stephen K. Aoki, MD
David J. Petron, MD
Amy P. Powell, MD
Stuart Willick, MD
Emily J. Harold, M.D.,
Balamurali K. Ambati, M.D.

Utah Athletic Training Staff

Trevor Jameson, MS, ATC
Director of Athletic Training
Phone: (801)-585-3861
Email: tjameson@huntsman.utah.edu

Sports:  Men's Basketball, Golf

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Tom Iriye, MS, ATC
Associate Director of Athletic Training
Phone: (801)-581-5561
Email: tiriye@huntsman.utah.edu

Sports:  Soccer, Men's & Women's Swimming and Diving

Eric Yochem, MS, ATC
Head Football Athletic Trainer
Phone: (801)-581-6630
Email: eyochem@huntsman.utah.edu

Sports: Football

Katie Lorens, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: (801) 585-7044
Email: klorens@huntsman.utah.edu

Sports: Gymnastics, Volleyball

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Heather Elliott, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: (801) 585-1245
Email: helliott@huntsman.utah.edu

Sports:  Cross Country, Track & Field, Cheer & Dance

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Joe McBeth, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: (801) 587-9691
Email: jmcbeth@huntsman.utah.edu

Sports:  Football

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Lindsay Adams, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: (801) 581-4836
Email: ladams@huntsman.utah.edu

Sports:  Women's Basketball, Softball

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Craig Chelette, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: (801) 587-9701
Email: cchelette@huntsman.utah.edu

Sports:  Baseball, Men's & Women's Tennis



U. Sports Medicine Mission

The Athletic Training Program at the University of Utah exists to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics in the safest environment possible.

Goal #1 - Help prevent athletic injuries from occurring.

Goal #2 - Recognizing that some injuries are inevitable, our professional staff is available to render first aid, provide follow-up treatment and rehabilitation, and counsel students and their parents on available treatment options.

Goal # 3 - Provide the medical resources necessary to allow our student-athletes to return to the field of play as soon as medically safe.


The University of Utah athletic training staff offers a variety of services to U. student-athletes

  • Prevention and treatment of athletic injuries
  • Medical coverage of athletic events
  • Orthotic foot beds and brace fabrication
  • Referral to our team physicians and various medical specialists
  • Rehabilitation services at Red Butte Sports Medicine Clinic
  • Daily treatments and rehabilitation services
  • Rehabilitation and treatment devices and equipment are available for the care of athletic injuries


    If you are injured

  • All injuries should be reported to the staff athletic trainer responsible for your sports as soon as they happen. If you cannot report the injury immediately, be sure to see your staff athletic trainer as soon as possible (at least by 10:30 a.m. the next day). If you are unable to come to the athletic training room, you may call the staff athletic trainer. S/he will evaluate the injury and refer you to the appropriate medical specialists if necessary.
  • A treatment plan will be developed that requires your presence in the athletic training room twice daily (once in the morning, and then at least one hour before practice). Be sure to keep your appointments in the training room. If you cannot make it, you must call to reschedule.


    Insurance Issues

  • In order to provide effective treatment for our athletes, we have an insurance specialist on staff. Kelsey Brandt, who is located in the Eccles Football Facility, may be reached by phone at 587-9086.
  • If you receive any insurance or medical bills, please forward them immediately to Kelsey at the number listed above.



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