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1) Can you name all 17-varsity sports that the Athletic Marketing department promotes?

2) Are you affiliated with any student organizations i.e. MUSS, ASUU, etc.?

3) What qualities would you bring to the Marketing Department as an Intern?

4) What office software (i.e. word, excel) skills do you have that would help in the Marketing Department?

5) What do you expect to learn from an internship with the Utah Athletics Marketing Department?

6) Some marketing events will take place at night, and on weekends, demanding longer working hours how would you prioritize your time to participate in those events?

7) What ideas would you suggest to market to our Targeted Marketing group?

8) Please describe the ideal job for you following graduation?

9) What motivates you to go the extra mile on a project or job?

10) Why would you be the best candidate for the Athletic Marketing Internship?

***After submitting this form you will receive an email from the Marketing Staff with more details and instructions.***

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