Go Utes!
Go Utes!
NCAA Championships: Giant Slalom Quotes

March 11, 2010


Head alpine coach Jaka Korencan gave his thoughts on the giant slalom event following the first day of the NCAA Championships:

If anyone deserves it it's Eva. I couldn't be more happy. It was so awesome to see her on top - she really deserves it. She has had four podiums out of five NCAA starts. She has so much confidence it was a really easy job for her despite pretty hard conditions. She really just dominated the race. I think there is some more good action for her this week.

From the start of the season I've said that Sofia is going to qualify for NCAA's. Watching her improving through last season I was so confident that she can really do well. Her hard work and desire paid back. She really stepped it up in the most important races and we were all really happy for her to qualify but to be an All-American and finish seventh in a really tough field is an amazing result. I can't be more proud of her.

Anna didn't do well in her first run but really stepped it up in the second run. Although she is better in slalom, she really proved to herself that she can do well in GS. She is building confidence and I expect her to be one of the top GS skiers next season.

I couldn't be more proud of our small women's team. We started the season with three women and we coped through injuries to qualify all three to NCAA's. That was the first step towards bigger success and with all three strong in their finishes is just amazing.

For Torjus, slalom is his discipline but just like Anna he really proved to himself that he can do really well in GS as well. He started last in tough conditions and really excelled in the second run where conditions were extremely tough with thick snowfall, fog and flat light to be able to put together a good run. He had an amazing result and I think that's a huge confidence builder for the future. We're expecting more from him in the slalom races. He has been consistent through the whole season and we're looking for him to have a great night.



For Max to qualify in his first year for NCAA's and have a great result in his weakest discipline is amazing. He came in as a slalom skier and he's been improving in GS every day through the season. Seeing him put down the seventh-fastest time in the second run is amazing. I really believe he is going to be an all-around skier and I can't wait for him to keep winning races.

Kung is an amazing GS skier. He started 18th and the course didn't hold up with the high speeds. Ruts had developed and he put a really good run together to end up 12th. Unfortunately he had a big mistake in the second run. He got rotated and hit a gate head on and still managed to run strong with a huge bruise on his calf. He belongs on the podium but I am happy to have him finish after what happened. In the bigger picture, all six competitors we had really put it together, finished strong, raced with a passion and was consistent through both runs. As a team the result was absolutely amazing. I couldn't be more proud of those guys.

Being second behind an amazing DU team is a great accomplishment, and I really want to congratulate all of them. We are expecting even more in the slalom races. That is our stronger discipline, but obviously there is going to be some luck involved. With the really warm weather, conditions will play a big role in the final results. I am confident we are going to do well since we have been so consistent throughout the season.

It was a good day to be a Ute skier.

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