Go Utes!
Go Utes!
University of Utah Swimming and Diving Senior Spotlight: Danielle Caldwell

Caldwell serves as a team captain along with Ken Tiltges

Caldwell serves as a team captain along with Ken Tiltges

Dec. 4, 2012

With the 2012-13 Swimming and Diving season in full swing, senior Danielle Caldwell shares her experiences as a Ute.

Describe your experience with Utah Swimming and Diving.

I feel like I have grown a lot throughout the program. This program has really helped me come along as a person. Freshman year is always a rough ride, sophomore year you're developing more into it. I just feel like sophomore year through this year I have really developed a family and close-knit friends on the team and they've helped me not only in the water, but out of the water. It's more of just an all around life that I've been involved in here. It's awesome.

What has been your favorite memory with Utah Swimming and Diving?

One of my favorite memories was last year. We have this thing called Peak Week. It's the hardest week of the season over fall break. The coaches made us take a rock to the top of a hill back behind the hospital. It was miserable, it was so hard, but we got to the top for sunrise and we were looking out over the whole city. We did our goals up there and we made a little mountain with the rocks and painted them and wrote a word that describes us on them. I thought that was really neat and I'll always remember that.

What have you learned here that you can use later in life?

I feel like I have really learned discipline. I feel like it will really help me with jobs and later on in life. I learned how to follow rules and to try my hardest, no job training can train you on how to put this much effort into something like we put into swimming.

Who would you like to thank?

Defiantly my parents. I wouldn't be swimming if it wasn't for my parents. And also Greg. Greg is the reason I came to the University of Utah, I swam for him back in Arizona, so I would have never had this experience if it wasn't for him.



Utah head coach Greg Winslow on Caldwell

Dani is one of our team captains. She's a servant-leader that always leads with her heart and really embodies everything that our team is about: hard work and cheering for one another. We are really lucky to have Dani on our team. 

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