Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utes in the Major League Baseball Draft

C.J. Cron became the highest draft pick in Utah history when he was selected 17th overall in 2011.

Stephen Fife went in the third round to the Boston Red Sox in 2008.

Tyler Wagner was a fourth-round pick by Milwaukee in 2012.

Rick Anton was an eighth-round pick for the Dodgers in 2011.

All-American Ryan Khoury was selected in the 12th round in 2006 by the Boston Red Sox.
20159th277Bret Helton, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates
20148th237Mitch Watrous, RHP, San Diego Padres
 10th303Nick Green, LHP, Kansas City Royals
 18th528Tanner Banks, LHP, Chicago White Sox
201330th905Trey Nielsen, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals
20124th155Tyler Wagner, RHP, Milwaukee Brewers
 14th433Parker Morin, C, Kansas City Royals
 20th624James Brooks, SS, Washington Nationals
20111st17C.J. Cron, 1B, Los Angeles Angels
 8th254Rick Anton, LHP, Los Angeles Dodgers
200928th846Brian Budrow, RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks
 31st951Jordan Whatcott, RHP, L.A. of Anaheim Angels
20083rd85Stephen Fife, P, Boston Red Sox
200736th1101Jay Brossman, 1B, L.A. of Anaheim Angels
200612th373Ryan Khoury, SS, Boston Red Sox
 37th1107Tyler Kmetko, 2B, Arizona Diamondbacks
200413th395Matt Ciaramella, OF, Boston Red Sox
 22nd670Doug Mackay, RHP, San Francisco Giants
 33rd998Clay Westmoreland, RHP, Florida Marlins
200335th1033Sean Overholt, RHP, Chicago Cubs
200212th363Jason Wylie, RHP, Chicago Cubs
 17th519Donnie Saba, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks
 23rd677Nate Weese, OF, Montreal Expos
 26th792Mitch Maio, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals
200131st929Ryan Bailey, RHP, Anaheim Angels
 33rd984Chris Shelton, C, Pittsburgh Pirates
 41st1242Travis Palmer, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals
200032nd956Phil Cullen, RHP, Seattle Mariners
199926th803 Lance Ericksen, RHP, Houston Astros
199813th398John Summers, 1B, San Francisco Giants
 21st627Nate Forbush, C, Detroit Tigers
199716th477Casey Child, OF, Anaheim Angels
199531st850Kelly Stratton, OF, Texas Rangers
199444th1212Chris Arambula, 1B, St. Louis Cardinals
199113th352Mike Edwards, 3B, Texas Rangers
 27th718Paul Barton, LHP, Toronto Blue Jays
199032nd870Craig Sudbury, RHP, Oakland Athletics
 43rd1127Steven Sigloch, 2B, Milwaukee Brewers
198912th308Lance Madsen, OF, Houston Astros
198625th623Chris Shultis, 3B, San Francisco Giants
 31st751Jeff Myaer, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies
198524th602Mike Dandos, SS, San Francisco Giants
198220th502Steve Springer, OF, New York Mets
198119th482Phil Strom, 1B, Oakland Athletics
 19th488Jim Teahan, RHP, Milwaukee Brewers
198018th445Jim Teahan, RHP, Oakland Athletics
 25th623Randy Gomez, C, San Francisco Giants
197913th334Randy Gomez, C, Cincinnati Reds
19785th123Robert Davis, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates
197620th462Greg Moffitt, 3B, California Angels
19755th*85John McBride, SS, New York Mets
 7th*98Steve Marlowe, 1B, New York Mets
197411th258John McBride, SS, New York Mets
 36th671Steve Marlowe, 1B, New York Mets
196922nd521Gregory Hansen, RHP, Baltimore Orioles
 31st717George Theodore, 1B, New York Mets
 37th835Thomas Kilgore, 3B, New York Mets
19687th^103Jack Gehrke, SS, Athletics
 6th$118Jack Gehrke, SS, Royals
19675th*84Jack Gehrke, SS, White Sox
19664th*62John Noriega, RHP, Reds
 13th242Jack Gehrke, SS, Athletics
 17th324Dennis Udy, RHP, Red Sox
 5th$87Steve Radulovich, 1B, Reds
196534th443Craig MacKay, 2B, Twins
 26th503Steve Rudanovich, OF, Yankees
 20th516John Noriega, RHP, Braves
 28th533Duane Freemon, 1B, Cardinals

^ January Draft
* January Secondary Draft
$ June Secondary Draft

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