Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah 62, Washington State 60 - Postgame Quotes

Jan. 5, 2012

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Utah Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak
On difference in the way the Utes played from the Colorado game
"There wasn't really a difference. Our defense stayed consistent from the first half at Colorado. Our guys are understanding and putting some effort forward and I thought that was the thing. Twenty-nine points at the first half is a lot for us, since we scored 33 points [total] in our last game. I thought we made some open shots and just stayed charged up for that entire first half. Energy wise, we moved the ball really well. [Josh Watkins] didn't have an assist in the first half and ended up with six in the second half. He found some guys and they made some shots. I thought [Jason] Washburn was a focal point at one point in the game. Then they started doubling him and taking his stuff away. But we had some warriors. If you look at the minutes, we had almost five guys near 40 minutes. Cedric Martin that is battling an injury and he just seemed like a warrior. Most of the guys really, from top to bottom...it was a big boost."

On getting the team's first Pac-12 victory
"It feels really good because starting Monday, when we came back focused, we had three practices as good as we have had since I've been here. Everybody was focused, it was dialed in. Today's shootaround couldn't have gone any better. It's more of a relief for our guys. I think we did it right this week. It is a tough one to swallow when we don't win and it is a big boost for us when we do."

On Watkins' play and his mid-range game
"In our league, when you see a guy that is scoring some points...I think he is second in the conference in scoring...we are going to have teams load up on us. If he thinks he is going to get to the rim, it is not always going to happen. Some of that mid-range game needs to come into play. He hasn't done it a whole lot, but tonight, there were two plays that were really similar and I hope that we can continue to build on it.

"I think we have improved this week in terms of a game plan, to get more people involved. It is one of the things I talked about in front of our whole team with Jiggy. That we weren't going to have a chance with him thinking he needed to go and score 30 points and put a big total up on the board, but more importantly, he has to get his teammates involved."

Senior guard Josh Watkins
"My teammates opened up for me. Cedric [Martin], [Chris] Hines and Washburn were making shots and so I just let it come to me. At the end, when the guys tried to over- play me [on the dribble], all I had to do was stop and he kept going, so I just had to rise up and take that shot. No doubt that shot was going down. Me and the coaches worked on that all week...they told me that guys were going to try to block my shot [at the rim]."

Junior guard Chris Hines
"Honestly, what came in my mind was what LB (former Ute Lawrence Bohra) said. He always said `On the last shot son, you got to take it as hard as you can. And just lock them up as strong as you can.' So that is all I thought about."

"We all know Jiggy can score. He can score on the outside and the inside, so when he has the ball we know we have a chance."

Washington State Head Coach Ken Bone
"I am very disappointed in what I thought was a low level of concentration, especially in the first half. It is just disappointing, we talked about it yesterday, and we talked about it today in shootaround and before the game. We have to come out with energy, effort and focus and I don't think we really brought it the way we needed to. We finally played better in the second half and with better effort. But when you let a team like Utah hang around, they get more confident and they bury a couple and gain some momentum on the home court. That is what happens."

On Utah's performance
"They were aggressive tonight as far as taking it to the hoop. They were aggressive in attacking the rim, especially Watkins. He just ducked his head and took it to the rim. Watkins was able to penetrate way too much tonight."

On the final play of regulation
"I was disappointed. At the end of regulation it is time to attack the rim and we settled for a jumper. That is disappointing."



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