Go Utes!
Go Utes!
UCLA 57, Utah 53 Postgame Quotes

Jan. 10, 2013

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Utah Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak

Thoughts on game

“I was not pleased with the energy at the start of the game. We were not physical and they took it to us. They scored 10 points in transition and got 10 second-chance points in that first half and that hurt us immensely. In the second half, I thought we were pretty good. We held them to two and zero points in those previous respective areas. I don’t know why we didn’t come out with the focus we showed in the second half. Then again, it came down to us not making shots. But you have to keep the faith and know in one of these games it is going to turn around.

We put forth a good defensive effort and it was up-and-down to start. We played, what, seven minutes to start the game without a dead ball or a media timeout? I can identify the problem and it is consistency. We didn’t finish possessions tonight and it cost us. Right now, they are doing everything I ask of them defensively, it’s just the offense that is our bugaboo. The second half, we played great and rebounded well enough to get back in the contest and have a chance at the end.”

On the second half

“I thought we were playing harder. I really challenged our guys at half time. I thought they [UCLA] came in our building in the first half and we were guarding them soft off of screens, they were jumping up and making shots. Second half, we were playing harder on offense, we were screening and getting extra passes that we weren’t getting in the first half.”

On Cedric Martin

“Well he is a heck of a defender. He is an absolute great player. He is wandering around here wounded. I love the kid and every team needs a guy like him. I hope there is a little bit of transference, that some of our younger kids are watching. He isn’t the most talented guy and he would be the first to tell you that. But he is my kind of guy, a fox-hole kind of guy. It’s just good to see him make shots. That is what we talk about all the time.”

On the MUSS

“It was really awesome and cool. Seeing that section up there was huge. Obviously, because of the weather it was a little bit slow for everybody to get here. But there was a little heartbeat over there in the corner of the arena. They were there and we need that. It is a big part of college athletics to have that kind of pulse. I have always said that the student section is kind of the heartbeat of the arena and people are feeding off them. I hope we can continue to build on that and that some of those people will come back and give us a shot on Saturday.”

On Jeremy Olsen

“J.O. is going to be a good player. I think he is in shape and his health is pretty good. He is coming off a mission and had some hip surgery so he missed most of our Brazil trip. He is a redshirt freshman but he has worked his butt off every day in practice and he hasn’t complained. He is biding his time and we are going to throw him in a little bit.”

Senior Cedric Martin

On missed opportunities

“Coach put us in the right position and gave us the game plan. We got open, we just didn’t hit shots down the stretch. We played well on defense and offense. It just came down to hitting those last couple shots.”

On the shots

“They are due to fall and its getting old. I am tired of the moral victories. I think we are still learning from our mistakes and we are getting better and better every day. We are at least showing up and are capable of keeping up with these teams. They aren’t coming in our house and blowing us out of the water. We just need to seal the deal now.”

On the MUSS

“They are on our side and we liked having them. In the last five minutes of the game, we went on that stretch where we started scoring and Loveridge got the dunk, you could hear them. The excitement in the gym just made us excited and it made us play a little harder.”

Senior Jason Washburn

On what the team has to do to win

“Make shots. Get stops. It’s a simple game. Coach always says it. It’s not really that complicated. In the first half, our two points were rebounding and transition and we gave them too much of either. In the second half, I thought we came out fighting. We started hit shots. That last sequence of shots didn’t determine the game. It was over the course of time, just like basketball has always been.”

On the shots not falling

“You guys saw it. I thought we got great looks, especially there at the end. One of our best shooters, Glen Dean, got two shots that he can make in his sleep. I would trust him with them 100 times more in the same situation. Unfortunately, like the story of the past two games, when we needed them to fall, that is when they didn’t. But we executed. I thought we played hard on offense and we got shots that we needed.”

On Cedric Martin

“There is no amount of words that speak of the value of Cedric Martin. The man plays harder than any one I have ever been on the court with. He is a very smart basketball player. Offensively, he takes what the game gives him. Tonight, I don’t know if UCLA didn’t expect Cedric of all people to do what he did. But, we needed to score, especially in that first half. Some of our primary scorers, like me, weren’t really producing a lot of numbers. Cedric kept us in the game for a lot of that. He guarded one of the best freshmen in the country and I thought he did a phenomenal job like he always does on the defensive end. We are absolutely lucky to have him.”

UCLA Head Coach Ben Howland

Thoughts on game

“This was a very important win. This was our first road game. We were really glad to get a win. I thought that we played really well in the first half. In the second half we had some defensive breakdowns. We’re very fortunate; to be honest- they missed some wide-open shots. Like Dean, number one, had two wide open shots. He missed both of them by the grace of God. We’re just really glad to escape this place. I know how hard it is to win in this building, at the University of Utah, having a long history that dates back you know 33 years… And their crowd got into it. I’ll give them credit because they [the team] never said die. I thought Washburn played really well in the second half for them. But you’ve got to battle through it. You knew it was going to be this kind of game, and that they were going to be very patient offensively, make you play long periods of defense. There may have been a hint of fatigue in our legs in the last six or seven minutes. It was great that we held on to get the win.” 



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