Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Washington State 75, Utah 65 Postgame Quotes

Jan. 17, 2013

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Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak

Overall thoughts on the game

"They (Washington State) had not been shooting well, but when they came out tonight and hit 3s at will, it was just their night. They made shots and we turned the ball over, and that was the game."

"You know how it is. You see an article about a team not being able to make shots, and that’s exactly what they come out and do. That had a lot to do with it. The rim was huge for them. They weren’t just little body punches.”

“We were just kicking ourselves in the foot with our turnovers that weren’t really forced. We were having a hard time passing and catching and that just puts too much pressure on your defense.”

Having a day back in SLC after tonight's game

“it takes a little bit of the road off of you in terms of efficiency. I love it. This is not an easy place to get in and out of by the time you’re done with buses and different things.”

If there is any pressure to get that first league win

“There’s no pressure involved. I think the margin of error on the road is so much smaller. If you’re going to get a road win you’ve got to be good.”

Senior Jason Washburn

On what he thinks the team needs to improve

“We can’t keep playing from behind. At some point, we have to come out swinging.”

"We have to get better. We have to get better defensively and in all phases. It will come. We will keep playing hard."

On whether WSU's hot shooting set the tone

“Whether they surprise or not we have to adjust quicker. We have to do better. It’s the same story. We’ve just got to do better.”

On the road struggles

“We’re just beating a dead horse. Words are useless now. Basketball has to be played by basketball players.”

Freshman Justin Seymour

Thoughts on the game

"We didn’t expect them to come out making jumpers like that. They hadn’t been hitting like that before, so this was a surprise."

Freshman Brandon Taylor

On what happened early in the game

“We’ve got to stop playing from behind. We’ve just got to come out stronger. We’re not coming out strong at all. It’s like we’ve got to wait until we’re down 8-10 points before we start playing hard. We can’t do that in this league. We’ve got to come out punching.”

On what WSU did offensively

“This is the game of basketball. That’s how it goes. You have some 'on nights' and you have some 'off nights. They had an on night tonight and we just couldn’t adjust to it.”



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