Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Arizona 77, Utah 51 - Postgame Notes

Jan. 19, 2012

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Utah Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak
On Utah's play in the second half
"I don't think it was related to the altercation at all. I think it was related to our guys running out of gas. We had been riding those ponies for quite a while and it is like a heavy weight fight, when it gets into the later rounds you can only take so many punches. Our bench is a little thin right now. We need to get some guys to come in and have an impact. Initially in that first 35 minutes we were competitive, then the altercation was more of a coincidence than expecting us to all of the sudden come out and go on a run of our own."

On playing without Josh Watkins
"We are going to have to manufacture stuff as a group. We don't have the terminating point guard that will finish on the pick and roll, so it will have to be done collectively. Our screens will have to improve and guys will have to make plays. For the most part we are moving the ball really well. Now we need to find the ending to it."

On the play of Kareem Storey
"I thought he was pretty hyped up, he came in got some fouls and turnovers, which would be anticipated really. They have some long guys. I thought he made some silly fouls. He is going to have some fun. He is over it. I thought he had a couple nice moves to the basket. We can't let him get those fouls early, we need him to slow down and let the offense come to him."

Arizona Head Coach Sean Miller
"It was a game where we were heavily favored. I know Utah is a much more difficult team to beat at home than they are on the road right now. They play with more confidence, but they lost a player, which, when that happens, over the long course of the season, might not be to their advantage. Sometimes on a given night, when it first happens, players settle in and effort-level is really high. So for us to deal with what we dealt with, losing Solomon with 18 minutes to go, not really playing well for portions of the first half and early in the second half, I thought it said a lot about our team and several players on our team. We turned it back around and won convincingly and played a very good second half."

What was the turning point?
"Kevin Parrom really inserted himself and did a real nice job in the game. He had some timely threes and played with a lot of confidence. But I thought we played more as a team in the second half. Some of our three-point shots were a result of a player being unselfish. Defensively we moved. There were a couple times maybe we didn't guard the post as well. But I thought our collective effort was better and a number of guys contributed to that."

On losing Solomon Hill
"Solomon wasn't playing well. It wasn't as if we lost him on a real good night. He wasn't having a good night, but we are clearly a better team with him. In that brief moment when he left, we answered like you'd want a team to answer."



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