Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah 72, Oregon State 61 Postgame Quotes

March 7, 2013

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Utah Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak

On the game

“I thought the offense was taken care of by our defense. I thought we were really locked in defensively. We were active and engaged. I wrote on the board before the game that I honestly thought whoever won the rebound game tonight was going to win the game. I think against a really good rebounding team it was important to us. I thought our rebound focus and our defensive focus actually kind of lead to making the offense easier and that it was we have preached here for a little while now. If you play the game in the right way and all you are thinking about is your effort and your rebounding, sure enough the offense starts clicking. We had some possessions, maybe half a dozen, that was really good in terms of making an extra pass. It really is such a fun way to play and the way I want to coach – numerous passes where there is no question in the gym when somebody shoots it, if it doesn’t go in, it deserved to go in because it was an earned shot.”

On forcing turnovers

“I think a lot of that was some deflections and we were pretty darn aggressive. Guys were down in stances. It was a coach’s dream in terms of personnel. There is some guys on their squad that need to be stayed really close to. Guys are down in a stance and locating people. We trapped on occasion at the post and we got some deflections out of that. We don’t get nine steals in a game very often, so I think that is curious to see.”

Senior Jason Washburn

On hitting the 1000 mark

“I tried not to think about it too much heading into this game. I really didn’t. But Loveridge found me and I hit that shot and the way the crowed went off with all the signs, I couldn’t help but crack just a little smile. It was early in the game so I was still trying to stay focused. It is a real humbling thing to be honest. What is even sweeter is that it came on a good night for the Utah basketball program. It is a sweet, sweet, feeling. It was meant to be at home. I had a lot of family in town that got to witness it first hand and be a part of it. The crowd was amazing, I can’t thank our fans enough.”



On the game

“I think as far as the overall game goes I actually think Jordan Loveridge is the player of the game. The guy was a monster tonight. His stat line is crazy, 17 and 12, three assists. A couple steals in 39 minutes, I think he is the big name tonight. He had a tough assignment guarding Burton and then guarding Moreland for most of the game, two guys who are very skilled and can do a lot of things. He took it and a lot of times put us on his back.”

Freshman Brandon Taylor

On the win

“It feels really good. We came out with the energy that we needed. We just went out there and played hard. We freed our minds up and just got it going. It was a beautiful night for Loveridge.”

Freshman Jordan Loveridge

On his game

“Going into games, I never know how many shots I am going to make or how many points I am going to score. But what I can control is my effort on boards and defense. We just came out and defended. Last time we played Oregon State, we weren’t up in guys and didn’t have the energy we did tonight. Right from the jump we had energy and stayed ahead the whole game.”

Oregon State Head Coach Craig Robinson

On second-half stretch where Utah had consecutive three-pointers

“To the untrained eye that’s what it looked like, but I didn’t like our energy level the whole night. I mean, we were playing in that first half only down three or six there. But we couldn’t get our energy level up. I take most of the blame for that. I’ve got to have these guys prepared to hit the ground running- especially when they come off of here.”

On disappointment of losing

“That’s not disappointing. When you’re down at this end of the standings you’re really playing to get ready for the conference tournament. So that’s first and foremost. Secondly, this is the first really poor conference game or non-conference game that we’ve played. So I’m willing to look at this as an anomaly, as long as we come back on Saturday and play more like we used to.”

On Runnin’ Utes’ rebounding advantage

“That’s happened to us what? Four times this season? And we’ve actually won a game where we were outrebounded. It goes back to sort of the energy level and the readiness to come into a team’s home court and battle.”

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