Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Sacramento State 74, Utah 71 - Postgame Quotes

Nov. 16, 2012

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Utah Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak
"I thought offensively we were solid for three-quarters of the game. We had a 13-point lead with 12 minutes to go. Our big guys did exactly what we were looking for with high percentages. But we went away from that late in the game. The big thing for us is we have to learn how to win. We need to put ourselves in a position where there is the same sense of urgency on every possession. I really thought a turning point in the game was when they made shots and we came down and aborted our plan to go inside and took some outside shots that weren't `us'. We took three straight shots that weren't `us'. Those were the only three that I remember thinking `that is not the way we play'. We tried to take the whole world on our shoulders and go beat them and that is not how we need to operate. And I was disappointed with the fact that we got out rebounded."

"Sacramento State is a good team. They have four returning starters and they knew what they wanted to do and we knew what they wanted to do, but we got away from what we needed to do."

Senior wing Cedric Martin
"We need to learn how to win the game. We were up by 10, but at the end of the game they came up with big rebounds. At the end of the game, we put up some iffy shots, but I know we are capable of making them. We kind of got ahead of ourselves and we need to take more command of the game. Tonight taught us a valuable lesson that we aren't as good as we thought, and that we need to get in the gym and keep working and not get cocky."

Junior guard Glen Dean
"I think we played really well for three-fourths of the game, but we need to learn how to close. Last year we had to learn how to lose and just try to be in every game. This year we need to learn how to win. With some upper-classmen, we need to pick up some of our leadership and close out games when they are close like that."



Sacramento State Head Coach Brian Katz
On beating a Pac-12 team to get their third win
"[Utah] is a good team. We approach every game the same. Our goals are real simple, we have three goals: One, we want to get better every day. Two, we want to win the next game on the schedule. Three, we want to have more fun than any team in the country. I tell my guys that we're not going to have fun if we don't do number one and number two."

On the second half rally
"We have five seniors that really have a lot of resolve and that are really committed to each other. They've been through a lot. Last year we made a little rally at the end of the year and won five in a row. Our seniors just made a pact that we are going to win this year. I think our kids have just worked too hard to give up."

On importance of having a variety of players step up
"In the past we had trouble scoring, we only had one or two that could score. I feel like we have probably a legitimate six guys that can really score. It's harder to guard when you've got to guard five guys at once."

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