Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 25, 2006

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Utah Head Coach Ray Giacoletti
"We just wanted to do as good of a job as we could on Almond. We tried to play tough man-to-man defense. He got into a rhythm early and after that he was hard to stop."

"We need to do some other things to help Luke out and get him deeper touches. As long as he keeps trying to rebound the basketball we're happy, and we'll keep working to get him better looks."

"Shaun was our MVP tonight. He was vocal in the locker room and on the bench and wouldn't let the guys give less than their best effort. Shaun's matured a lot."

"Johnnie had seven assists and one turnover. That has got to be his best since he's been here. His energy on the basketball in the second half really started it off for us."

"Johnnie and Shaun have been the guys that have gotten us through this three-game losing streak."

"It's been tough, but you've got to keep fighting, you have no choice. You've got to have heart and passion. I think they said some things among themselves that helped them."

Utah Forward Shaun Green
"At halftime we all came in and were frustrated with the way we were playing. I just told everybody to be aggressive and to keep playing hard."

"Getting the first win gives everyone a lot of confidence. For our freshmen to get their first collegiate win is big. I think everyone knows what it takes to win now, and we'll be better from here on out I think."

"No one likes losing. We've all come here from winning programs. It's been hard for all of us because we're not used to losing, but we've kind of bonded together through it all."

"Coach Giac wasn't happy with our defensive effort at halftime. A couple of us stood up and challenged everyone to give it all they had in the second half. I guess it worked out well because we won."

"Almond hit a lot of tough shots; a lot of them were a ways behind the arc. We knew he was a great player going in, and he proved it tonight."



"Tonight I tried to be more of a leader on the floor and be more vocal."

Utah Guard Johnnie Bryant
"We brought energy in the second half. I just told the guys to believe in each other. We just had to find a way to get over the hump, and we did tonight."

"We've got to sustain that energy that we had tonight. I really believe that this will be the start of something special this season."

"We've been busting our tail every day and now we know what it takes to mean."

"I just kept playing and took what the defense was giving me. I just need to play basketball and lead with my vocal ability."

Rice Head Coach Willis Wilson
"We collapsed. We didn't play in the second half. I think the team that played in the first half didn't come out of the locker room for the second half. We took it for granted that we would have our way with the Utes. We are a team that has pride and heart. The Utes came out and played physical with us, and we didn't respond. Once they got the momentum on their side it was over."

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