Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah 76, Boise State 55 - Postgame Quotes

Dec. 5, 2012

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Utah Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak

On the emotions of the evening

“It’s been a big week for us. We had three of the best sessions I think we’ve had- Sunday, Monday, Tuesday- with practices. We talked about it before the game. There’s no doubt that Coach Majerus is in the building. Our guys played really inspired, they just played as hard as they possibly could on all the possessions.

I thought the assistants did a great job with the game plan and how we were going to guard them. We gave up a lot of two-pointers to Marks and Thompson, but they’re a three-point shooting team.

It’s funny how defensive intensity works in basketball, the other end opens up. I thought we were really good offensively, moved the ball, 20 assists on 27 baskets. It was a special night for us."

More on Coach Majerus

“I mentioned it the other day at our press conference, I think Rick Majerus would be the first guy named when you mention Utah basketball, and that’s no discredit to past players and coaches. He’s just, he’s Utah.”

On the run that broke it open in the first half

“I looked at the stat sheet at half time and we were 15-for-20 from the field. That always helps. I think a big part of Boise State’s attack is the transition. Our ability to make shots gave us an opportunity to get back and match up with them. They’re really good when they can get you to turn it over and when you miss shots. You can complicate it as much as you want, but when shots are going in, the game becomes a little easier.”

On the play of Jarred DuBois

“He is a savvy ball handler, so he is hard to handle in pick and roll. He’s running the club a lot of times for us. He’s making some good plays. It’s fun. He’s hitting free throws when he needs to hit free throws. He just seems really focused, and he’s an easy guy to cheer for when he’s in the gym all the time shooting and taking care of business that way.

I think he’s providing leadership to some of our younger guys. I love coaching a senior. You want to have seniors go out on a good note, and he’s doing everything to set himself up for doing that. He’s on a run and he’s got to keep it going. He’s probably the top guy on the scouting report for the other teams. I told him 'The more success you have the better you have to become because they’re going to try to exploit your weaknesses, and you just have to be that much more solid.' "

Junior Glen Dean

On Coach Majerus

“He’s a legend here. Before the game we talked about it, and I think that just sparked all of us. You could just feel some type of energy come in and take over and we just rode it. We came out, hit our first few shots and got rolling.”

Senior Jason Washburn

On Coach Majerus

“I never got the pleasure of meeting Coach Majerus. I know a lot of his former players, and when they talk about him it’s in such high regard, it’s with such respect. For that I developed my own respect for him. When we heard that he died it still hurt a little bit because he meant so much to this place. I’ve been here a long time and he is a legend so we wanted this win tonight. He was right there with us, he was sitting on the bench with us. You saw some of his antics on the big screen when we did his memorial, and we could feel it. It was a good feeling.”

Senior Jarred DuBois

On the game-turning first half stretch

“I think as a unit we pieced together stops, and when we do that our offense opens up. When we can piece together three, four, five stops on a defensive end we’ll end up getting good shots on the offensive end.”

On the team translating defense into offense

“I would say I played better defensively than I did offensively. The stat sheet doesn’t really show how well the team plays on defense, but I think as a unit the same guys that were hitting shots were locking their players up on the other end.”

Boise State Head Coach Leon Rice

On the game

“I don’t think it was the fact our shots were not falling. I thought it was our defensive effort. When we came down it looked like we were running in sand a little bit. You have to credit Utah. They were really moving us around pretty good and getting open shots and we did a terrible job of contesting the shots. They got too many rebounds and were just handing us our hats in every aspect of the game.”

On the pivotal first-half run

“We had a couple instances where we looked like we were going to get some momentum, but we could just never take it away from them. It was just one of those nights where we’d be in the right place and couldn’t catch the ball. We would rotate maybe on defense and the ball would go through our legs.

We have to be the hungriest, scrappiest dog in the fight otherwise we are in trouble. We saw that tonight and our guys have to have a clear understanding that we have to play so hard with teams because we are so much smaller than everybody right now. It was a tough stretch and we knew this was going to be a tough stretch. We played with so much emotion and three road games in a row, there aren’t many teams in the country who have to do that.

That is a tough thing. I think as our guys mature, they will be better at that. We didn’t approach things with a mature mentality and do it as a team tonight.”



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