Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah 71, Idaho State 59 - Postgame Quotes

Dec. 16, 2011

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Utah Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak
"It certainly feels great. I really feel that we have had a couple great weeks of practice and with a couple of exceptions in the first half we were playing really hard. The other team plays really hard and they out-scrapped us for a period in the first part of the game. It was a case in point of when you play hard, good things happen. Javon Dawson came in and scrapped and got us some extra possessions and set some great screens and low-and-behold, he ends up scoring two buckets for us at a crucial time. I thought Kareem's defense was really good. For the most part our guys laid in on the line and then it was really fun to watch shots go in. Cedric Martin goes 5-of-9 from three and the game's a lot more fun. I think you earn what you get and the guys have been fighting like heck and I think the room opened up a bit for us and guys were comfortable."

"I think you try to take things from all of the games through the season and learn from them and I said before the BYU game, if we weren't ready to play and lay it on the line in that one we were going to have some questions to be answered. That was a natural one to have that kind of energy and it was a little bit of a catalyst to show guys how the game feels when you really play hard."

"I told our players before the game I really think the last few weeks some guys have a lot more bounce in their step and they're playing harder because they're not thinking as much. Not only offensively is there improvement but I think your mind gets freed up and we've laid it on the line the last couple games...the last 80 minutes...and we certainly need to build off that."

"It feels really good to come in [to the press room] and to be able to chuckle a little bit. I'm really happy for our guys and I'm happy for the people who support our team that we don't have to have a losing streak that gets up where you have to start talking `teens. We've had a really hard schedule and we played a good team tonight and we battled."



"I watched Cedric make a lot of shots this last week. Those guys are putting in extra time. Coming in a making 100 free throws a day and we were nice from the free-throw line. I don't think we've shot close to 80 percent in any given game and those were big for us. Making front ends of one and ones, those add up. You get what you earn and the guys are going to see the ball going in because they're playing harder. That's the nature of the game of basketball."

Junior center Jason Washburn
"After such a long road, getting the win...it's a lot of emotion built up. It felt so good. It felt even better with how we did it, with pure team effort and all-out hustle. It just feels really good."

Junior wing Cedric Martin
"I was in the gym every day just making shots. [Josh Watkins] and Kareem attacked the paint, the defense collapsed and they passed it out to me, and I let it ride."

Idaho State Head Coach Joe O'Brien
On the second-half scoring drought, similar to the Loyola game:
"That's exactly the same comparison that I made, we just shut it down earlier. It seems like every time things start to go well lately, we get tired of success. We were getting backdoor layups and moving the ball well and then just all of a sudden we stopped doing everything. Defensively we did a good job of getting people to take jump shots early and then we started letting them shoot some three's and knock a couple down. The momentum swung and it just killed us, we just stopped playing."

"I thought on offense the last 12 or 13 minutes was as stagnant as any group I've ever coached in my career. We just stopped moving, we abandoned the people with the basketballs, like whoever had the basketball was on his own on an island."

Did Utah change anything defensively?
"[Utah] picked up the pressure a little bit but all that did was open driving lanes and Sherrod [Baldwin] was the only one willing to take advantage of it until later on in the half after they had a decent lead. We just didn't take advantage of what they were giving us. We got a little panicky because they came out and were guarding us pretty deep."

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