Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah 72, College of Idaho 38 Postgame Quotes

Dec. 28, 2012

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Utah Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak

On playing after Northridge game

"I think we needed to play again for sure. The timing of that game was rough when you are going into a Christmas break. As much fun as I had with my family, there were still instances when you are starting to have a little fun and you just remember what took place. But I have said all along that I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. We aren't that far away from having a record like a lot of teams in our league have now. But at the same time I know everyone came back really focused after Christmas."

On playing Washburn

"I talked to Washburn about it and the fact that he was taken out of the starting lineup didn't mean by any means that I still didn't think he was one of the most productive "5" men we have. When he did come off the bench he played as well as he has ever played. We were never faced with the situation where at halftime Washburn had foul trouble. So some of that I think is letting the game come to him. I think on the flip side is maybe Dallin has put a little too much heat on himself to produce as a starter. So I think we probably have a greater upside if Dallin comes off the bench now and can free up his mind. I know Washburn is going to be steady in terms of coming in and doing his thing. A lot of things go into the thinking of it but I just think it is the best decision for our team and at the end of the day. No one's feelings are going to be hurt."

On Brandon Taylor and other freshmen getting more playing time

"He has come in and given us a big lift in a couple games. I think defensively we are going to be challenged because with freshmen it is real common for it to take a little while. That is where we have break downs. Offensively I think those guys can play with a lot of people. Defensively, they have to be ready to guard, and that is going to be the determining factor with whether they are going to continue to play as many minutes as they have."



Senior Jason Washburn

On starting

"It was coach's decision. It wasn't a big deal to me personally when Dallin [Bachynski] was named the starter. Obviously starting is good and its fun, but I tried to come in with the same aggressive mindset,  trying to attack the rim and get myself going right off the bat. It seemed to work tonight."

College of Idaho Head Coach Rod Jensen

Overall thoughts of the game:

"It's difficult for us to come in to play against such size and quickness. I think Utah is a good basketball team- when they're playing and shooting it- when they're making baskets they're a pretty good basketball team... We appreciate the opportunity. I like Utah's team. I think coach Krystkowiak's doing a great job with them. They'll be a force to be reckoned with down the road."

On Utah's height:

"We're actually small with the teams that we're playing at our level. So to move up to this level we're really really really small. You've got to do other things to compensate for that."

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