Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Moment No. 10

Jan. 2, 2008

The No. 10 greatest moment in Utah Basketball history didn't win an NCAA or NIT title. It didn't even win a conference championship.

Yet it is easily one of the greatest moments ever in Utah Basketball. It was the first round game in the 1985 Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Tournament between the Runnin' Utes and Wyoming.

The Cowboys led 60-59, when Utah missed a last second shot. Wyoming's Fennis Dembo grabbed the rebound and was fouled with one second remaining on the clock. Game over. Not so fast ...

Utah was down by one with one second remaining and they don't have possession of the ball. But the Utes win the game. How is that possible?

The Wyoming player inbounds the ball by throwing it toward the Wyoming basket. Nobody touches it and it goes out of bounds. By rule, when nobody contacts the ball and an inbounds pass goes out of bounds, it is inbounded by the other team at the same spot.

Now, Utah has the ball out of bounds under its basket with one second left and down by one point.

Bobby Adair set a beautiful baseline pick for Manny Hendrix. Gale Gondrezick gets the ball to Manny in the corner, nearly handing the ball to him. Hendrix quickly buried the 22-footer from the corner and - with no 3-pointer in those days - Utah won 61-60 on Manny's Miracle.



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