Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah vs. Northern Colorado Postgame Quotes

Aug. 30, 2012

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Utah Head Coach Kyle Whittingham
Opening statement:
"This was a good start to the season. There was some good and some bad but mostly good. It did take us four possessions to score and that's a negative and we turned the ball over on the first possession, but once the offense got into a rhythm, they played a clean ball game, and that's a positive. There were no drops and very few penalties."

On players who stood out:
Jordan [Wynn] threw the ball efficiently, near a 70 percent completion percentage. John White did his thing. That was about what we want out of him, about 24 or 25 carries. That's about what we thought heading into the season that his workload should be and that's exactly what it was tonight. Jake Murphy has unbelievable ball skills for a tight end. He'll be a factor for us all season. Dres Anderson started to show up this afternoon. I was pleased with the offense after the slow start. Travis Wilson gave us a few things when he came into the game in the fourth quarter and threw a couple completions. He looked like he was pretty poised in there.

On the defense and special teams:
The defense did exactly what it was supposed to do. They played tough against the run, won third downs, got a couple of takeaways, and got a shutout. You don't always do what you're supposed to do so [when you do] that's a positive. Obviously, we have some issues with the placekicking game. We missed a chip-shot field goal and a PAT. That's an area we have to improve in because there will come a time this season when we'll have to rely on placekicking to win a game for us. Other than that, special teams were pretty good. With the new rule, in kickoff coverage our theory is to place the ball on the goal line and most of the time tonight, our coverage stopped them before the 25 yard line. Punt game was good even though we didn't punt a lot. We never really got the punt return game going. We had a couple blocked up a couple times, but couldn't get to the wall soon enough.

On playing Utah State next week:
Overall, it was a decent start. Obviously, the degree of difficulty gets much higher next week. We're going to have to play good football up in Logan. They're going to be well-coached. I think Gary [Anderson] has done a lot of great things with that program."

Junior quarterback Jordan Wynn
On his performance:
"It was a good win. Obviously, we'd like to start a little faster on offense. A lot of that has to do with me. If I don't throw that pick in the first series, it sets up the rest of that series and the rest of the game. We responded well and had a good second and third quarter to put them away."

On the interception in the first drive:
"I just put a little too much air on the throw. The wind took it, but that's no excuse. I have to put it out there. I just under-threw it. It wasn't one of my better throws."

On the offense:
"We were pretty good in the red zone and on third down. We did some good things. We ran the ball well and threw the ball effectively. We have didn't have too many penalties and played a clean game. We have to continue to do that."

On the record drive:
"It was just one of those drives where we grinded out some third and fourth-down conversions. The whole offense just did a good job of realizing situations. We were bring up in the huddle what the down and distance was and the receivers were making plays along with John [White] was running the ball well. It was a collective great job with all of us being very focused and in tune to finish that drive."

Utah quarterback Travis Wilson
On rushing for two touchdowns in first three carries:
"I was really excited that I got my name called to go out there and run a little bit. I got some good blocks and was able to get into the end zone."

Utah running back John White
On what was going through his mind after first quarter:
"[I was just thinking] put points on the board. It was frustrating but I knew we would get it together and that showed at the end."

Utah tight end Jake Murphy
On his performance:
"It was awesome to get the opportunity. [Offensive coordinator Brian Johnson] calls the plays and was pretty confident in me coming into the game. I was just happy that he called them. We just executed well and I'm happy with it."

Northern Colorado Head Coach Earnest Collins Jr.

Thoughts on team's performance -
"The thing that was great for me is that our kids played extremely hard. They kept battling and kept fighting. We had some miscues on offense and defense, and couldn't get it going in the return game, but I was proud of our kids."

How encouraging was it to hold Utah scoreless in the first quarter -
"You can shut them out one quarter, but you have to sustain it for four quarters. That's what it's all about; football is played in four quarters. That's the deal with playing a game up a level. You can hang with them in the beginning, but then their depth outweighs your depth and a few key guys go down--we have three starters that went down in this game--that part sucks. Now you've got to go 10 more games and you're without--I don't know how long--without our All-American. It sucks in that sense."

Update on tonight's injuries -
"Devontae Chapple didn't finish the game. (Rick) Aversano didn't finish the game, neither did Robert Holland. I don't know what the extent is."

On how Utah scored twice and almost a third time late in the first half -
"The third one was the coach being a dumb-dumb. With 34 seconds left, I told our offensive coordinator to work on the two-minute offense, and you've got a 7-foot-2 guy bat the ball down and you can't get it over his head. That put us behind right away. Thanks to our defense we were able to hold them to what shouldn't have even been a field goal."

Where's the confidence level of the team now -
"Our team is fine. You're down because, like I said, one of our key people didn't finish the game. He's a well-liked guy and one of the leaders on our team. But our kids aren't down. They're pissed off they didn't win the game, and we didn't score any points. But it's one game. Even if we'd won it, it's just one game. We'll regroup and get back to practice on Sunday, watch the film tomorrow and be ready to go."



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