Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah vs. Utah State Postgame Quotes

Sept. 4, 2009

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Utah State Head Coach Gary Andersen

Opening statement:
"I'm proud of the team's toughness tonight. They played tough, not letting the early lead discourage them. They played with courage. We did have way too many missed opportunities. 0-12 on third-down conversions is a huge concern. We also gave up too many points on special teams."

"The team showed flashes of where I want them to be, and they played tough, but they didn't execute on crucial plays."

"Utah played a great game. They made plays and we didn't. That's what made the difference in this game."

"We had problems on the offensive line. Utah has a good defensive line, but we have to have a good offensive line, keep our hands up and protect."

On coming back to Utah:
"It was less emotional than I thought. Once I got here, it was just another football game. I do have to agree with Kyle [Whittingham], that this has been the longest football game of my life, the first one as a head coach. I am glad that we won't have to play each other for a while."

Utah Head Coach Kyle Whittingham

Opening statement:
"There were some good, some bad moments tonight. The offense had success moving the ball and we got a lot of production from a lot of different players. But we did turn the ball over three times. Any time you lose the turnover battle, 3-1, that's a recipe for disaster. Turnovers become more magnified as the level of competition increases so we have to make sure we secure the ball and stop putting the ball on the ground."

"I have to give credit to Utah State. They played well. Between the turnover late in the first half and their goal-line stand near the end of the half, that's a 14-point swing, so that was a crucial part of the game."

"I'm very proud of how we played, but we have a lot of work to do. I saw a lot of improvement from the first and second halves. [Cain] improved a lot and did a nice job."



On the defense:
"The defense was very efficient, with the exception of that 96-yard run [by Robert Turbin]. The third-down production was an equalizer for us tonight. Utah State was 0-for-12 tonight and that really was a compensator for us. That is essential for overcoming the turnover battle."

"Without Koa Misi, we didn't have a big pass rush from the edge. I'm very pleased with our new cornerbacks, but they have to improve because they will be tested more down the road."

On the offense:
"David Reed really had a big night and Matt Asiata ran effectively. Terrance Cain played well, especially for his first time out there. He threw one interception and it really wasn't his fault.

On the special teams:
"The kicking game was a plus. Sean Sellwood punted well and Ben Vroman was 100 percent on his PAT's and made a 44-yarder. Luke Matthews showed promise on punt returns."

Utah quarterback Terrance Cain

On his performance:
"I played alright tonight. I know I can play a lot better, but I gave a good effort. The team played hard and made a lot of plays. The offense did a great job pushing the tempo and making the other team tired."

On the offense:
"I was just trying to get the ball to the playmakers. [Matt] Asiata runs hard and I have great receivers. They were in man-to-man coverage the whole time so I knew we would have opportunities. We just have to stop turning the ball over."

Utah wide receiver John Peel

On his down-field block on David Reed's touchdown catch:
"David made a great play and I was just trying to get down field to help him."

Utah wide receiver David Reed

On the offense:
"[Getting Cain comfortable in the offense] was a part of the game plan. He made a lot of good choices. He was outstanding and will be a very good player for us in the future. As a senior, I'm trying to take a lot on my shoulders on this team. I'm just doing what I can to make sure this successful."

Utah linebacker Stevenson Sylvester

On the defense:
"We made a lot of mistakes tonight, but only allowed two big plays. We can't have that and we have to eliminate them entirely. We did alright on [Diondre] Borel. We were just trying to contain him."

On facing Utah State:
"We knew [Utah State head coach Gary Anderson] would have some tricks for us. The wishbone offense caught us off guard but we played it alright. As a defense, we're just trying to improve each week."

On the second half:
"We take pride in being a second-half team. We made mistakes because of mental errors in the first half but buckled down and didn't allow big plays.

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