Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah vs. Weber State Postgame Quotes

Sep 7, 2013

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Utah Head Coach Kyle Whittingham

Opening statement - 

“Obviously, it was a big win. We did some good things as far as a lot of points, rushed the ball well and threw the ball well. We still had some miscues in the game: roughing the punter, had 10 guys on the field on one of the punt returns, missing a guy on one of the PAT field goals. There were some little things we have to get cleaned. When you look at it as a whole, we didn’t turn the ball over at all and only 35 yards in penalties. That’s the second straight week that we’ve been right around 35 yards. There were a lot positives, but we are fully aware that the degree of difficult gets much higher this week in Pac-12 play, which begins this week. We’ll be back on Monday needing a great week of preparation. That’s the objective right now.”

On the big plays this season - 

“That’s something that is very encouraging, something that was lacking last year as far as explosive (plays). For two weeks in a row now, we’ve had a chance to get ‘chunk yardage,’ which is what we call it, and that helps. That’s one of the reasons why we didn’t run a whole bunch of plays today because we were scoring quickly. We’re not overly concerned with the number of plays that we run, but that’s why it was down a little bit (today).”

On Travis Wilson

“He did a nice job today. He threw the ball efficiently again for the second week in a row. He didn’t get 300 yards, but his completion percentage was outstanding. No interceptions. Three touchdowns. You saw his speed capability. He is much faster than he might appear two long runs, but I think you got an idea of what kind of speed he has on those two long runs.”

On what his team learned - 

“We learned that we were able to do what we’re supposed to do. We expected to play well and control the game. We’re still finding out about ourselves. I believe you don’t truly know who you are until the fourth or fifth week of the season. That’s when you really settle in and understand who you are and what we’re really good at and what you’re not good at, but we’re off to a pretty good start.”

On the running game - 

“We didn’t’ get much running game early. It was out of sync, but as the game wore on, we started to control the line of scrimmage. Lucky Radley came in and did a nice job. Kelvin York didn’t get a lot of carries, but did a nice job, and it was the same thing for James Poole. It was nice to have a breakout game in rushing.”

Utah Quarterback Travis Wilson

On the offense - 

“We definitely moved ball really well. I was really grateful that I got a chance to get my legs in there, too, and run a little bit. The wide receivers did a great job of getting open and we made some really great plays. Last year, we really lacked in making big plays last year. That’s something we really emphasized last year. So far the last two games have been really good.”

On his day rushing the ball - 

“It was all part of how our offense works, reading the outside guy and they knifed in so we made it count.”

Utah Defensive Tackle Tenny Palepoi

On the defense - 

“The offense did a really great job of keeping us off the field. Every series that we came into, we were pretty fresh. A lot of the credit goes to them for helping us out. I felt like we played pretty solid up front and it continued throughout the game so it was a big plus for us. We just want to be disruptive. We didn’t do a very good job of that against Utah State, so our whole D-line took it upon ourselves to be more disruptive and it paid off. It will be very important against Oregon State is a good team so we’ll have to play a lot better up front.”

Utah Running Back James Poole

On his special team performance - 

“I just learned to accept my role. If that’s what I have to do to help the team out, I’ll do it. In the running game, we got some other guys in the game and get the feel for game action.”

Utah Wide Receiver Dres Anderson

On his performance - 

“I feel like I had a pretty good day today. On offense, we started pretty well, but got it rolling toward the end of first quarter. We learned that we have to makes sure that we play four quarters, no matter who you’re playing. We feel pretty good on offense (heading into next week against Oregon State). We’ve been putting together some good drives and executing well. We just have to make sure we keep playing well in situational football.”

On Travis Wilson

“Travis was amazing. I felt like he was going for the Heisman Trophy. He was running, passing, all of that. He looked great.”

Weber State Head Coach Jody Sears

On how the game played out –

“That’s a big, physical, explosive football team. Just the size, the speed and the strength reared its head and exposed us on several occasions. I offer no excuse. When you’re trying to lead young men—18-22 year old men—there aren’t any excuses; there aren’t any. It’s like we told them throughout the whole week, these boys that are going to run into you are going to be a little heavier, they’re going to be a little faster, a little but stronger; it’s going to feel a little different, and it was. But that’s the level we’ve got to get to. We can’t let this define us, or use youth or this or that as an excuse. We’ve got to take the challenge and continue to grow this program in the strength and physicality and everything. We’ve got to continue to grow this.”

What goes through your mind when you see this game on the schedule –

“To be ready, because they’ve got good coaches and they’re going to be physical and well-coached. But you can’t focus too much on that team. We’ve got to keep the focus on ourselves, what are our strengths, what are our weaknesses, what are our deficiencies. We’ll look at film. We’ve obviously got to make some corrections in the play-action passing game on defense. We’ve just got to get better, take the lessons and continue to identify the strengths and the weaknesses and keep growing.”

What did you like about this game –

“I like the fact that our kids kept playing. They got exposed, but I’m not throwing anyone under the bus. I felt like we did a fairly decent job of putting our guys in position. They were a little faster, a little quicker, but our kids kept playing. The sidelines was OK. That’s one thing we focused on is continuing to have that leadership and that focus on the sideline. It was a learning experience. We’ve got quite a few young guys out there, but that’s no excuse.”

On the play of Chris Wheeler and the defense –

“Chris plays hard. Chris Wheeler and [Anthony] Morales, and some of those older guys, they play hard, extremely hard. I’m extremely proud of them. But we’ll challenge them to keep continuing to lead the younger guys and build this thing.”

On where his team goes from here –

“We can’t let this game define our season. We’ve got to raise the expectations and standards if we want to be a championship team. We’ve got to be able to play with Pac-12 teams longer.”



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