Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah vs. Oregon State Postgame Quotes

Sept. 14, 2013

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Utah Head Coach Kyle Whittingham

“That was a great college football game. It is unfortunate somebody had to lose, especially that it had to be us. I am proud of my kids, they were warriors tonight and hung in 60 minutes. We just came up one play short.”

“We started slow, defense was minus three on turnover margin. That is a problem we had last year and is showing again this season. We need to get it corrected or we will only have an average defense. We couldn’t take the ball away.”

“I was proud of Andy, the kick in overtime was not an easy one.  We came up one play short, the interception that went through our hands and as fate would have it fell into theirs.”

“Credit to their team, they had a great passing attack and ran effectively.”

“We didn’t get it done, and it is a tough one to swallow. We will come back next week and get things corrected.”

“Travis wants those interceptions back. We knew there would be a learning curve, and it has been a lot smaller than we thought. Travis has done great and I think we have found ourselves a quarterback.”

“The team is hurting, they spilt their guts out. When we were down 27-10, the look in their eyes was that they still believed. That is a great thing to have in a team. It was tough to fall short in the end.”

Travis Wilson

On rollercoaster of a game

“Our offense started slow, we had three, three and outs and mostly my turnovers were to blame. I made bad reads and need to correct those this week.”

On offense

“We never gave up on offense. I tried to make plays and make the game as close as I could, but fell short. Our team showed heart and battled to the end, but just fell short. Its not a good way to start a game, we need to correct that before next game. Our offense is something special but can’t start off slow like we did tonight.”

Lucky Radley

On performance

“Our team just got off to a slow start. We can’t blame a single individual, we need to correct it as a unit.”

Jason Whittingham

On defense

“Its not all on the defensive backs, the front and linebacker’s job is to get to the quarterback and their quarterback was comfortable all night in the pocket. We need to come back next week and make sure we get to him, especially since BYU’s quarterback is a good runner. We need to be tougher.”

James Poole

On performance

“My performance helps as far as myself, but we need to get better as a team. It helps being more involved and I wanted to help in receiving to be more versatile, but we need to get off to a faster start.”

On situation

“We have been in that situation before with USU, we didn’t give up, but just came up short tonight.”

Jake Murphy

On performance

“It’s a challenge when you put that much effort and get that heartbreaking loss. That is part of sports and we need to have a short term memory and move on. It was a rollercoaster and we learned some things about ourselves tonight. We learned our character and never gave up. BYU is always a fun game, hopefully we come back and redeem as emotions will be high.”

Oregon State Head Coach Mike Riley

On the win

“I’m just proud of them. That was really a gutsy, gutsy game; and their team too, they played like crazy. It was a great football game and our kids just would not lose. That’s what I really appreciate.”

On what led to his team winning

“What probably ended up being the difference in the game was how we played defensively early and that we made some key turnovers and got the ball. Then it was hard, they had the whole thing rolling. He was throwing the ball well, they were making catches, they were hitting some angles, and they were making some fades. The screen game was going for them, and then they had the zone read stuff. They had it all going on. I don’t know how many drives in a row they scored.

“We were having a hard time running the ball, so we had to scramble around and found a way to make some plays. Richard Mullaney, Kevin [Cummings], all those guys took turn making plays. It was pretty neat how everybody battled out there, both teams”

On the trick play for a fourth down conversion on their last possession in regulation

“I thought that was a crunch time in the game the way they were playing. And I thought if we don’t get a first down here and give the ball back to them we might not see it again with a shot at winning the game. We called a running play first, and then we had that timeout and I thought, let’s go for it. So away we went. The kids executed it really well.”

On the difference between being 2-1 and 1-2

“It’s really big. It’s a chance to build some momentum and confidence, obviously, and you don’t want to fall in a hole early. It’s great to win an opening conference game. Maybe this is an indicator of how our conference is going to go this year. It’s going to be really, really competitive.”

On TB Storm Woods going down and being taken off the field on a stretcher 

“That, understandably so, takes the wind out of you. Everybody was worried. Then when the doctors and trainers came over and said that he was responsive and moving, everybody lightened up. They gave him a big applause and just started playing again. All I know is that he is stable. It seemed to be a very positive outlook.”



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