Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah vs. Washington State Postgame Quotes

Nov. 3, 2012

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Utah Head Coach Kyle Whittingham

Opening Statement
"I'm proud of our guys and the coaching staff. It was another very good week of preparation and planning gameplan-wise and getting their position groups ready. Our players did a great job of executing. We're starting to figure things out. We've gotten better each of the last four weeks. There are still things to get better at, obviously, but we're starting to play better as a football team. We played another complete football game this week, very much like last week in all three phases. We were functioning well. Reggie Dunn again, it is impressive what he is doing for us special teams-wise. Travis Wilson took another step forward. Our defense played well all afternoon. We had a great pass rush. We sacked him five times in the first half. I don't what the total was, but it was a good effort all around. Obviously, we needed it. Our backs are to the wall and that's the way it will be the rest of the way. We just have to keep fighting our way out of the corner."

On bringing momentum of past two home games on the road:
"We just have to keep practicing well during the week, which has never been an issue this season. We just have to stay confident. We can't get over-confident obviously. We haven't arrived yet by any means. We just have to keep taking baby steps and keep that same mentality and we can't change that at all."

On what the team has improved:
"Overall, our execution is becoming clearer. On defense, we're covering better and getting after the quarterback better. Travis [Wilson] has taken a step forward each of his four successive starts. John White is healthy now with back-to-back 100-yard games. He put another one together today and our record stays intact, when he goes for 100 yards we win. That's something we should pay attention to as coaches because the proof is there. I'm proud of the way the receivers are blocking down field, a lot of the yards came as a result of their blocking down field. The chemistry is good and we're starting to jell a little bit with the offense and the scheme."

Wide receiver Reggie Dunn
On 100-yard kickoff return for touchdown:
"I thank God for giving me this opportunity to play college football, and the coaching staff for allowing me to be here and the kickoff return team [that] blocked so well. It's not just me. I just thank all of those guys and Coach Jay Hill for coming up with great schemes every week. I knew it was going to happen because before I went out there I saw it in the kickoff return team's eyes. They were ready to make it happen again."

Defensive back Reggie Topps
On the defense today:
"All week, we just focused on their spread passing game. We knew a lot of this game would come down to defense, especially the DBs. We brought a lot of pressure with the stars we have up front. We were only rushing three or four and we were still able to get pressure.

On his interception:
"It felt great to get an interception. Hopefully I'll get a couple more before I get out of here."

Running back John White
On the rushing game:
"The message this week was to just play with passion and energy. That's what it took today. We just went out there and pounded them. We have seen the same defense all week and have been preparing all week. When we go out for the game, it's the same thing so we just have to go out there and execute."

Quarterback Travis Wilson
On the offense:
"We were definitely ready to play today. John White ran the ball hard. We made good passes and moved the ball down the field. Everything worked as we wanted."

Defensive lineman Joe Kruger
On pressuring the quarterback:
"The package we ran was a great call by our coaches that worked well against WSU because they pass 80 percent of the time. Our linebackers did a great job of coming up the gaps fast so our D lineman could go one-on-one with the guards. That was the reason we were able to get into the backfield so fast."

Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach

On his team's performance -
"Our effort today was pitiful. It starts with our coaches. Our coaches, starting with me and starting with the assistants, we have to be able to reach our players and get a good effort. Square one is a good effort and our effort was horrible. We've had games this year where one side of the ball had a bad effort for a quarter or something, then this side had good effort and the other one didn't, but we had a bad effort on both sides of the ball for all four quarters."

On if his team took too much satisfaction in last week's performance -
"We still lost the game, last I checked. If we're taking satisfaction from last week, we're out of our mind. Not one play last week counts for this week. Right now we're a team that doesn't give a good effort, which means that all of the stuff that we do in the weight room and in the meeting rooms and practices is a waste of time if we don't give a good effort. So, we're going to be working on that this week."

"I can't fathom, on any level, how you work at anything and then just come out and not try. It doesn't matter what physical condition a person is in, how old, how young, anybody is capable of a great effort. So, anybody's capable of it. The fact of the matter, today, we refused to give it."

On if Utah confused you with more man coverage today than they had shown recently -
"No, not really. We've seen a lot of man. Utah's a good team and deserves a lot of credit. They're not that good, we're not that bad. Despite what the score was they could have beat us by 100 today."

On his offensive line's pass protection -
Our five couldn't whip their two. Sometimes they only brought two. Our five couldn't whip their two. Which means, if five of our guys went in an alley and got in a fight with two of theirs, we would have gotten massacred. That's just ridiculously inexcusable. It was one of the most heartless efforts up front I've seen; and our defensive line wasn't any better.



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