Go Utes!
Go Utes!
#CampKyle Clips: Practices 18-19

The Utes turned up the tempo in all phases of the game during Wednesday's two-a-day.

The Utes turned up the tempo in all phases of the game during Wednesday's two-a-day.
Aug. 20, 2014

#CampKyle Clips: Practices 18-19 Overview ...
• After about five minutes of individual work during the media availability (last 20 minutes of practice), the first and second units on both sides of the ball played three series of downs each starting at the offense's own 40-yard line.
• The Utes sported "shells" (helmets, shoulder pads and shorts) with the "thud tackling" policy (no player to the ground after contact) enforced once again.
• The special teams executed a hurry-up field goal sequence at the end of practice.
• Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham announced that cornerback Eric Rowe will be the first backup option at safety. Whittingham indicated that Justin Thomas and Wykie Freeman could be called upon to fill Rowe's corner spot in that scenario.
• The second practice of the day was closed to the public and media.

Live Work Highlights ...
Travis Wilson fired a completion down the left sideline to Westlee Tonga, who made an acrobatic one-handed grab.
Andy Phillips nailed a 46-yard field goal during the hurry-up field goal segment.

From Coach Whittingham ...

On what he's looking for during the last week of fall camp:
"[I want us to continue to] improve our execution and eliminate mistakes, mental mistakes in particular. Those should start to dwindle down to virtually none. We have to continue to work on our level of fitness. In the high-tempo offense that we run and the high-tempo offenses we have to defend every week, we have to make sure we keep our cardiovascular level where it needs to be."



On the hurry-up field goals at the end of practice:
"We were just working on a situation. You never want to rush your kicker unless the clock is a factor. Every once in a while, we'll send the field goal unit out simulating when we have no timeouts, the clock is running and it's fourth down so we can't spike the ball to stop it. That situation may very well come up this year so we have worked that drill probably six or seven times during fall camp."

On fall camp:
"It's gone very well. We haven't had as much live work as in years past and consequently we came out healthier. Overall, I give camp a solid `A.'"

On Eric Rowe:
"He's done a nice job. He's been guarding Dres [Anderson] most of camp and that's tough duty. He has a big challenge every single day, but he's in the right spot now."

On the improved tempo of the offense since camp began:
"It's markedly better. It's where it needs to be so now it's just a matter of execution. Execution always trumps pace. If the pace gets too frantic, the execution suffers and then you're defeating the purpose."

Post-Practice Impressions from the Utes

Defensive End Nate Orchard

On fall camp:
"We take a step forward every day. We haven't had a bad day yet. We're just learning little things. Guys are just stepping up and taking their role seriously. We have a lot of young guys on the team and they're doing really well for us."

On the depth of the defense:
"Every day, it's a competition. You have to be on top of your game and bring your playbook. You have to know your assignments and responsibilities at all times. We're just so deep at every position that guys need to stay focused."

On his focus during the last week of fall camp:
"I've been focused on getting the younger guys prepared heading into the season. We need as many guys as possible. Anyone can go down at any time so our young guys need to be ready to step up."

On Hunter Dimick:
"He's going to give me a run for my money in getting sacks. He has the size and weight and he's been working hard. It's going to be exciting to see him play this fall."

#CampKyle Extras ...
Today's #CampKyle Olympics was the NBA2K14 competition. Marcus Williams beat Kenneth Scott in a game of lightning (a.k.a. knockout or elimination). Afterwards, Brandon Cox earned points for his team by throwing a football into the hoop from 10 yards out. Several players tried to make a 50-yard shot (throwing a football), with Evan Eggiman coming closest.

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