Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Quotes from Kyle Whittingham's Weekly Press Conference

Jordan Wynn talks to the media at Utah's weekly press conference.

Jordan Wynn talks to the media at Utah's weekly press conference.

Aug. 29, 2011

Opening statement:
We're very excited to get the season underway. There has been a lot of anticipation during the offseason, talking about the conference change and there is a lot of attention on our football team because of that. We're ready to go. We have a very good Montana State team coming in. They beat Eastern Washington, who was the FCS champ last year, so they've got all our attention and respect. They have an outstanding quarterback. What we see on tape is a talented, well-coached football team. We're not looking anywhere else but there.

Fall camp went well. The offense started off a little sluggish, but they seemed to get over the hump 2/3 of the way through and things seemed to smooth out. Saturday we had our best practice offensively of fall camp, and we had a situation where we looked how we were supposed to look on both sides of the ball. It was a good thing to see. I'm excited about the year, ready to get it kicked off and start playing and see where we stand.

On the offensive line:
I would have liked to have more opportunity to get more continuity. Every day we had a different lineup, rotating guys through there. The offensive line and the secondary are the two most critical areas in terms of working together. Lack of continuity is our biggest concern, and we've been getting guys healthy and will have to develop that through the season.

On questions remaining with the offense:
Overall, how we'll handle the new offensive scheme. Norm Chow came in for a reason, and that was to implement a new offensive system. It's been looking sharper and sharper in practice, but we need to get into a live situation and see how it looks. That's the second biggest concern, making sure what we're seeing in practice will translate to the game.

On the change to a pro-style offense:
There is not an advantage to changing scheme. The offensive linemen are excited about the physicality of a downhill run game. They have the opportunity to come off the ball and run things that come with a pro-style attack. Jordan Wynn fits a pro-style better than the spread, which is what he ran in high school. The tight end position doesn't apply in the spread, and we've got four tight ends that we really like. We felt equipped and ready to make the transition because of the tight ends that we have.



On the significance of this game as a member of the Pac-12:
We've talked a bunch about staying focused, and that is no different than any other year. We have a short term goal and a long term goal. Our short term goal is to beat the team that's next, and our long term goal is to try to win the Pac-12 south. This is not a step in our long term goal, but it's important that we go out and have a good showing offensively. We don't want to turn it over, we want to establish a run game - all things we need to have show up against Montana State.

On the running backs:
They are all new, except Tauni Vakapuna got a few carries last year. John White will be the starter and will get the bulk of the carries. He has performed the best in fall camp and through the last seven days. He relies on his speed and quickness, and has a little bit of a different style than the other three. Tauni, Harvey Langi and Thretton Palamo are bigger and more physical. Certainly we will see Tauni in the game, and we will see some Harvey and Thretton as well depending on how the game unfolds. Right now we have no plans to redshirt Harvey. We plan to use all of them as the season wears on. You've got to have a couple of lead guys, and create special situations for the other backs. We will see how things unfold, a lot of things can transpire throughout the season, but we feel good about all of those guys.

On Montana State:
Their coaching jumps out at you. There are telltale signs, like how hard guys go, and schematics and detail things. It's apparent that Montana State pays attention to every aspect of the game. Their quarterback is not the biggest guy, but he's a playmaker and he can get out of a bad situation when the play breaks down. Defensively they fly around - they had Washington State down 22-7 last year. They have all of our attention and all of our respect.

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