Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Quotes from Kyle Whittingham's Weekly Press Conference

Opening Statement:
I was disappointed in our play against Utah State. We didn't play well and we didn't coach well in any phase of the game. We played sub-par, and give credit to Utah State because they played well. As far as our own situation, we have a lot of work to do and a lot of improvements to make. We have a lot of tough football games on the horizon.

Jordan Wynn is injured to the point that we had a conversation with him, and he's going to hang up the football. He's going to move on with life after football. He fought the good fight and came back, but this is the fourth time he has injured his shoulder and he is going to move on. We really appreciate what Jordan has brought to our program and the toughness and resiliency he has shown. If he was my son, I'd probably encourage him to do the same thing.

Jon Hays and Travis Wilson will battle this week for the starting job. Jon has the upper hand - we know what his capabilities are and he won a lot of games for us last year. We've seen enough good in Travis that we will give him a shot to run with the ones as well to see what he can do. We won't name a starter, we'll trot one out on Saturday and that will be our guy.

We have rivalry week in week three. It's not as foreign to us as it was last year, it's not as different a feeling. It's an emotional game on both sides.

On concerns of the Utah State game:
Everything. Every phase, every position group. There is not one redeeming value that came out of the game. We didn't coach the way that we expect to coach. It was a complete downer across the board.

We'll rely on senior leadership to rise up and make sure things are getting done. We can't panic - we'll stick to what we believe in and not make wholesale changes. That often does more damage than good. Right now we'll stay the course, get the seniors to rally up and make sure the work ethic is there, the team is focused, and that everything is done the right way.



On Jordan Wynn:
It's tough, no doubt. He's come back three times. He's got his degree in hand, and that's a positive, and the reason that you're here. To do that in three and a half years is remarkable. He spoke to me about the possibility of getting into coaching. He's a tough kid and I want to reiterate that we appreciate what he's done for us and what he's given the program. He's going to stick around - he is enrolled in classes. He'll continue with the semester and continue to come to meetings and he'll give assistance to Jon and Travis. That's going to be his role for the next 10 weeks.

On the quarterbacks:
One is going to be the starter. If Jon starts, Travis will have a set package of plays. Travis is a different type of quarterback. We wouldn't reverse those roles.

On Jon Hays:
He is a lot better this year. I don't think we have to reel in and modify the offense because of the progress he's made. He came in with a minute to go in the second half and put up 20 points, so that's 40 points if he had been in there the entire time. He's markedly improved, and we have a lot more confidence in him now. There were a lot of unknowns last year.

He is a very capable thrower. We're going to see the same run/pass ratio, and the same type of personnel groups as we've shown with Jordan. We'll make changes as per our opponent, but it won't be what we did last year.

On Joe Kruger:
The incident was not on tape on the coaches copies. He is cleared to play the game in its entirety this week, was the message we got from the Pac-12 office. It was termed `striking an opponent' or something to that nature. That was a bit of good news, we needed some positive news.

On the offensive line:
We're trying to get the best combination out there, whether Miles Mason moves back to guard and maybe we lave Sam Brenner outside. That's a work in progress. That's a place you like to have solidified but we haven't been able to do that. We haven't been able to get continuity. It turns out we saw weak links on Friday night, and we're trying to get it fixed.

The run game starts with movement at the line. We did not get that at all on Friday night. That's where it starts, and that's why we got so many yards last year. The offensive line did a nice job blocking the run game last year, which is what we need to do.

On the defensive backfield:
There are three guys in the mix to play next to Quade Chappuis - Tyron Morris-Edwards, Terrell Reese and Michael Walker. We'll see which one comes out. Not to count out Eric Rowe. We're not saying he is completely out for the game, it's a work in progress and we'll see how he progresses.

On how the rivalry has evolved:
That's a good question. It's still in the infancy of the transition with the differences that have shown up. It's not as different as last year. With the hiatus, I don't think I can answer that right now. It's definitely changing, and I think everyone will have a better idea 4-to-5 years from now. Right now it feels very similar and not much different than it ever has. The game itself gets attention. There is not much I need to do from a coaching or psychological standpoint to get the guys going.

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