Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Quotes from Kyle Whittingham's Weekly Press Conference

Sept. 29, 2008

Opening Statement:
Good win on Saturday night. I thought we accomplished some things, particularly on offense. Most notably we were able to clean up the sacks and turnovers. We did not take any sacks and only had one turnover. Brian (Johnson) dropped back and his arm was hit. It's one of those things that's going to happen every once in awhile. The bottom line is that offensively we played our most consistent game from start to finish and hit the numbers we have been achieving in our first four ball games. On defense, it was not a bad outing by the `ones.' The biggest disappointment was the way our No. 2 defense came out and got handled. Half of their total offensive production came against our No. 2's in the fourth quarter. The penalties were cut down a little bit - it's still not good enough, but we made progress. Louie (Sakoda) had a good outing; he was the MWC Player of the Week, scoring 13 points. He broke the all-time field goal record in the process.

We have a tough game coming up and a short turnaround against Oregon State. They had an impressive win against USC last Thursday. It was a very well played ball game by them. Their main running back (Jacquizz Rodgers) is extremely productive, he's strong and quick. We've got to focus on slowing him down. Their quarterback is playing well (Lyle Moevao) and Sammy Stroughter, Shane Morales and James Rodgers are their go-to guys. We have a big challenge ahead and a compressed amount of time to get ready. It's not new to us but we've got to get a lot done in the next couple of days to be ready to compete.

On the week's schedule:
We will get back on the field today. Typically Monday is a lighter day, but today is different. Today is a hybrid day, a Tuesday/Wednesday combination. We'll have full meetings. Tomorrow will be a Wednesday/Thursday hybrid - this is when we would put on pads. Wednesday will be a Thursday/Friday day, usually Friday is a walk-through day. Game day is on Thursday and that will be similar to any other game day.



On Thursday night games:
I like Thursday games. I think it's a good situation, particularly if you get on TV and play well. It's good exposure for our program. I don't like it when one team has five days to prepare and another has seven, but it is what it is.

On Oregon State's offense:
They have gotten better each and every week. They have discovered their running back and how effective he can be. He is like all great backs - when nothing is there he will find a way to make yards. Their front seven are really gelling together. They have good movement at the line of scrimmage and they hit you right in the mouth. We have to beat them to the punch and match their physicality. Between the emergence of the tailback and the efficiency of the offensive line they have gotten better every week.

We have to stop the run, more so than any other week this season. We have to control the ball between Matt (Asiata) and Darrell (Mack) and control the clock like we've been doing.

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