Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Quotes from Kyle Whittingham's Weekly Press Conference

Oct. 1, 2012

Opening statement:
Not a lot to talk about seeing as we did not have a game last week. We had a good bye week. In the bye week you want to accomplish two things. Get your players rested up a little bit and get some bumps and bruises healed up and at the same time work on your deficiencies. It's a balance of down time vs. on field time and I think we did a good job with that. We got a lot accomplished. Now we're back in game week mode. We're looking forward to the contest on Thursday.

Injury update:
Joe Kruger is still questionable. We don't get into details, but we hope to have Joe. We definitely will have Eric Rowe, so that's a positive for us.

On the offensive line and Siaosi Aiono scheduled to make his first start:
Guys going down. Sam Brenner moved to left tackle, so that's one guard down. Vyncent Jones and Latu Heimuli will both unavailable this week. The next guy up is Siaosi. He'll get about 70 snaps this week so he'll quadruple his output. He's the next best guy. We are confident in Siaosi. We have a freshman right tackle and a freshman right guard, so they have to step up and be ready to go.

On Jacoby Hale and Victor Spikes on the depth chart:
They both run so well and have both improved over the last 3-to-4 weeks. Jacoby played a pretty good football game against Arizona State. He got a lot of time against Arizona State, as did Victor. They both warranted putting more reps into them. They're both going to be playing this week and hopefully that will make us a better defense.



They are so explosive. That's the thing that really jumps out. Between Woods and Lee you've got a receiving corps that is as good as any in the country. The backs are good and do a nice job for them, especially the transfer from Penn State. They work hard not to be one-dimensional. They are very committed to running the ball as well as throwing it and they don't want to just become a one-dimensional team and they do a good job of play-calling towards that end. Every single week our first objective is to try to control the run game, and that will be no different this week.

On last year's game against USC and playing at home this year:
I think it helps, having some familiarity with their program and their players, and most of the guys we are playing this year were in that game. I think that can be looked upon as a positive. Each year is its own separate entity and own set of circumstances, but going down there and having a good showing last year, although we came up short, could be a positive for us.

On Matt Barkley:
He's very consistent. The Stanford game is a game that he would want to have back. Some of the decisions he made are not typical Matt Barkley decisions. He is a tremendous player. He's a talented kid and he's one of the best in the country and it was the same thing last year. We saw the same thing out of him last year.

He's surrounded by such great players. He's great in and of himself, but you surround him with the great wide receivers, the backs, the tight ends. Plus they've got a very good offensive front to protect him and get the run game underway. He's just a great player. The thing that really impresses me is the quickness with which he gets the ball out of his hands. He's tough to sack. In fact, he can be unblocked, and more often than not he's going to get the ball out of his hands before you can get there. That's a quality they really put a premium on at the next level.

On the run game:
We're hoping [John White's fumbles against ASU] was a fluke. That's my take on it. He's been a very reliable ball carrier. He doesn't fumble in games and he doesn't fumble in practice. We're going to chalk that up to one bad night, and hopefully he'll bounce back and be ready to go this week.

We had high hopes for Kelvin York when we recruited him. He had a good spring and we think that he's going to be a guy who gets better from week-to-week. We need that to happen. He's a very talented kid and we saw signs of that against Arizona State. If he can pick up this game where he left off that will help us a great deal.

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