Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Quotes from Kyle Whittingham's Weekly Press Conference

Oct. 22, 2012

On the Oregon State game:

"Once again, we did a lot of positive things. Our defense played their best game of the season against Oregon State, defending the run and throw, but we did not do a good job of taking the football away. We did a nice job defending, which was a positive. Offensively, the storyline of the entire game was being minus 4 in turnover margin and 3-of-16 on third down. You don't have to figure much else but those two stats alone to understand why we lost.

"Travis Wilson took another step forward and did do a good job, but did have the four turnovers, obviously not all his fault. We'll continue to work hard to get those corrected, but Travis has been a positive for us the last couple of weeks.

"John White gave us some production, but obviously once again, we didn't make those four or five pivotal plays that determine the outcome, those momentum-changing plays to come out with a win, in a game like that."

On the upcoming game against California:

"Going forward, we have Cal coming in here this week. They are a dangerous team that is very talented on both sides of the football. They haven't been able to put it together this season and have had some struggles, much like we have. But make no mistake; they are one of the more talented teams in the conference. It will take our best effort to get the win."

On DeVonte Christopher:

"It's been a frustrating year for DeVonte. It hasn't unfolded exactly like he had hoped, probably not even close. There were some plays in the [Oregon State] game like the deflected interception and the fumbled pitch in the red zone during a drive that was going to tie the football up at 14 all, but he just has to keep working and doing everything right in practice. He's a guy who has done a lot of good things for us in the past and made some big catches, like in the bowl game against Georgia Tech last year. He's given us a lot of big plays over the years but right now he's in a little bit of a funk. He has to find his way out of it and get back into the rotation because right now he's taken a back seat to Kenneth Scott and guys like Anthony Denham and Dres Anderson."



On the place-kicking game:

"It certainly influences our decisions, particularly from about the 36 or 37 to 25 yard line, which may become four-down territory. Inside the 25, we feel we are capable of making kicks inside of that area, even though we missed one Saturday night. [Coleman Petersen] hit it well, it was a good snap, good hold and good protection. [Petersen] struck the ball well, but he just pulled it to the left. At some point during the last five games, we're going to need to call upon our placekickers. We've been working hard every day on it. We've created competition. Nick Marsh has been giving every opportunity, but hasn't been able to beat [Petersen] out. It continues to be a work in progress and has been one of our deficiencies this year. We just have to keep working on it because at some point this year, we're going to need [Petersen] to make a kick to win a game."

On this team's leadership:

"I don't think [we're missing leadership compared to last year.] Tony [Bergstrom] was a great leader for us last year, but we have guys who have filled that role this year. Dave Kruger, Tevita Stevens, Star Lotulelei we have a lot of guys who have stepped up. Lotulelei has been much more vocal this year so I don't sense a lack of leadership at all. That is not an issue. We have guys who make sure things are done right in practice and make sure everything is going right in the weight room."

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