Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Quotes from Kyle Whittingham's Weekly Press Conference

Oct. 29, 2012

I thought our guys played well in all three phases against Cal. Reggie Dunn obviously provided a big spark. It seemed like whenever Cal would get something going he came out twice and took the kickoff back for a touchdown, which really reversed the momentum and put it back in our favor and gave us a big lift. That was good to see. The offense seemed to play with a rhythm, more so than we have at any point this season. We had some good things going on in the run game. John White and Kelvin York both ran effectively and had close to 200 yards rushing. Travis [Wilson] took another step forward and did a nice job running the offense. Defensively, we played well in stretches, had some points in time where we were not so good. Didn't start off so good, we were a little soft against the run, and then we got a little sloppy at the end, but in between it was pretty good. I thought the corners played exceptionally well, particularly Ryan Lacy. I thought he had an excellent game, probably his best game as a Ute. A lot of positives to draw upon. Hopefully use this as something to build on going into Washington State. They come in here this weekend. Again, we get to play at home and that's a positive. Very appreciate of our fans. I want to make sure I mention that. Going through a tough skid there and their support never wavered, a sold-out stadium, and it was a great atmosphere. Again, very appreciative of the support shown to all of our players all season long.

On injuries in the run game:
We'll see what happens. If Kelvin [York] is available we'll move forward with Kelvin, and if he's not it'll be Jarrell Oliver or Lucky Radley. Lucky is right there neck-and-neck with Jarrell. We feel that either one of those backs would be very capable. Karl Williams as well, he is also in that mix.



On John White:
I thought he played exceptionally well on Saturday in his best game of the season. Ran much more like he did last year - more violence, more finish with the runs. I think it's a product of a couple of things. We've talked about him not being 100-percent for that early to middle stretch of the season. He's now back in form like he was last year. We need that to continue. Obviously the 100-yard mark for him has been a positive for us in translating into wins and that was the case on Saturday. Hopefully down the stretch over the next few games he'll be able to give the lift to the team like he was able to do last year.

On the team coming together:
I think it's a product of sticking with what you believe in - not panicking, not making wholesale changes, and believe in what you are doing. If the players believe, and the coaches believe, and everyone's bought in and like I said, just staying the course. Not being too disruptive. As soon as you make wholesale changes you wonder why are we doing this other stuff in the first place. I think it's a product of that and a great senior class that makes sure things are done the right way, and will not allow the team to fragment.

On Ryan Lacy:
Outstanding. He played very well. Obviously he was in the right frame of mind for this football game. Not that Ryan is in the wrong frame of mind ever, he's a competitive kid, but that receiver in my estimation is a first-round draft choice, and certainly a first-day draft choice. That was a great job by Ryan and he drew Keenan [Allen] a lot of the time during the course of the game and really did an outstanding job covering him.

On the offense:
We had an outstanding week of practice, like I said, but that's not new, that's something that's been the case for the entire season. We streamlined the package a little bit. It wasn't as voluminous as weeks past. Honed in on a few concepts and really hammered those rather than have as much offense available to us we had a little less, and I think that was a good thing for our players. It allowed them to get better at a few things rather than have as much on their plate. Not that we had a ton, in the past it's been pretty typical of what most offenses carry, but we did scale it back.

On moving offensive coordinator Brian Johnson to the sideline:
That seemed to be something that was a positive for us. We made the move with Aaron Roderick with just those hopes in mind that he would provide a little more energy and be able to have a direct link with Travis. Look him in the eye between series and have better communication. You can talk to someone on the headphones but it's not quite the same as being there face to face. It's give and take though, you lose a little bit of a vantage point with your coordinator being down, but fortunately we have Aaron who has experience being in the box as a coordinator and is a good set of eyes for Brian up there. Moving forward we anticipate leaving it the same way. We don't anticipate that changing unless we run into a reason to take another look at it.

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