Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Quotes from Kyle Whittingham's Weekly Press Conference

Head coach Kyle Whittingham says that this senior class has accomplished a lot for Utah.

Head coach Kyle Whittingham says that this senior class has accomplished a lot for Utah.

Nov. 16, 2009

Opening Statement:
We got beat by an outstanding TCU team this weekend. We knew we were going to have to play near-flawless football to compete and we were far from that. We had a stretch the last part of the first quarter and early in the second quarter where the game really got away from us and we dug ourselves an insurmountable hole. We hung in there though and the guys played hard. Our lack of production was to TCU's credit and the reason for a lot of our inefficiencies. We have our last home game against San Diego State this weekend and we have 24 seniors we want to send out the right way. They have won a lot of football games for us and worked hard for the program. They have done a great job.

Injury report:
We did lose Derrick Shelby to an ACL tear for the rest of the season and the bowl game. Victor Spikes has a hand injury that will not allow him to play. Kenape Eliapo (eye) is definitely out for the next two weeks, but we are optimistically hoping he will be back for a bowl game.

On the senior class:
As far as what they have accomplished on the field, they are undefeated in bowl play and had some great experiences there. They all also played in several different bowls. They won the MWC Championship last year. They are just a good group. Overall they have done a nice job leading the football team this year.

On moving on after a loss:
This is a mature football team. When we have a loss, you evaluate it, learn from it, and put it behind you. We did a very good job of that after the Oregon game.

On Jordan Wynn against TCU:
The game was a big positive for Jordan. He handled himself very well. He hung in there and showed a great deal of toughness and resiliency and was very poised. He did a solid job given the circumstances and learned a great deal. He will be a better quarterback because of this.



On San Diego State:
With Rocky Long as their defensive coordinator, he has brought that 3-3-5 defense with him. It's a challenging week for our offense. Much like the Air Force offense, playing the 3-3-5 is a different animal and requires some different tactics. Their offensive coordinator has been around and done some very good things. His offense is very sound and the two-back power run game has been his forte over the years. It will be the typical athletic team we expect out of SDSU. They have put a bunch of guys in the NFL and they have got some guys now who are going to go there as well.

On looking ahead:
It's easy not to look ahead, especially when you come off a disappointing game. All of our efforts this week are for San Diego State.

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