Go Utes!
Go Utes!
No. 72 Utah Men's Tennis Downs Montana and Montana State

Junior Slim Hamza clinched Utah's shut out of Montana State.

Junior Slim Hamza clinched Utah's shut out of Montana State.

Feb. 1, 2014

Box Score

SALT LAKE CITY - The 72nd-ranked University of Utah men's tennis team (5-0) remains undefeated as it dispatched the Montana Griz (0-2), 5-2, followed by a 7-0 sweep of the Montana State Bobcats (0-2) Saturday in a double header at the George S. Eccles Tennis Center.

"Double headers are always mentally and physically tough, but I think our players did a great job today," said assistant coach Roeland Brateanu. "It's good to get two more wins and to move to 5-0. We look forward to a great week of practice in preparation of a very tough Boise State team."

The Utes started the day against the Griz in doubles action. Seniors Ben Tasevac and Devin Lane first routed Ethan Vaughn and Zach Drost at the third slot, 6-3. Juniors Slim Hamza and Cedric Willems then dropped a 6-4 decision to Andrew Warren and Semion Branzburg at the No. 1 position, which put the doubles point in the hands of the second slot team. Senior Alejandro Medinilla and sophomore Matt Cowley valiantly captured the doubles point for Utah as they defeated Mikolaj Caruk and Tomasz Soltyka, 6-3.

Utah then hustled to three singles victories at the Nos. 1,6 and 4 positions to clinch the match at 4-0. Tasevac then captured the Utes' fifth point at the second slot, while Medinilla and Lane relinquished two points to Montana, making the final score 5-2.

The Utes returned to the court for the second time to take on the Bobcats. After battling Montana State in doubles action, Utah swept in singles to complete the shut out.



The No. 72 Utes looks to remain undefeated as it hosts No. 44 Boise State Friday, followed by a double header Saturday against Utah State and Seattle at the Eccles Tennis Center.

No. 72 Utah 5, Montana 2
1. Slim Hamza (Utah) def. Mikolaj Caruk (Montana), 6-1, 6-1
2. Ben Tasevac (Utah) def. Andrew Warren (Montana), 6-1, 6-5(5)
3. Tomasz Soltyka (Montana) def. Alejandro Medinilla (Utah), 6-5(5), 6-5(2)
4. Cedric Willems (Utah) def. Semion Branzburg (Montana), 6-3, 6-3
5. Ethan Vaughn (Montana) def. Devin Lane (Utah), 6-5(4), 6-4
6. Matt Cowley (Utah) def. Zach Drost (Montana), 6-3, 6-1
Order of Finish: 1,6,4*,2,3,5

Doubles: 1. Warren/Branzburg (Montana) def. Willems/Hamza (Utah), 6-4 2. Cowley/Medinilla (Utah) def. Caruk/Soltyka (Montana), 6-3 3. Lane/Tasevac (Utah) def. Vaughn/Drost (Montana), 6-3 Order of Finish: 3,1,2

No. 72 Utah 7, Montana State 0 Singles: 1. Slim Hamza (Utah) def. Niklas Brandes (Montana State), 6-2, 6-5(1) 2. Ben Tasevac (Utah) def. Javier Morillas (Montana State), 6-5(2), 6-4 3. Alejandro Medinilla (Utah) def. Marcus Schluter (Montana State), 6-2, 5-6(5), 6-4 4. Cedric Willems (Utah) def. Diego Campos (Montana State), 6-3, 6-1 5. Devin Lane (Utah) def. Harry James (Montana State), 6-5(3), 6-4 6. Matt Cowley (Utah) def. Kenny Dodd (Montana State), 6-1, 6-1 Order of Finish: 6,4,1*,5,2,3

Doubles: 1. Willems/Hamza (Utah) def. Brandes/James (Montana State), 6-1 2. Campos/Schluter (Montana State) def. Medinilla/Cowley (Utah), 6-3 3. Lane/Tasevac (Utah) def. Dodd/Morillas (Montana State), 6-5(1) Order of Finish: 1,2,3

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