Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah-Wyoming Women's Basketball Quotes

Jan. 15, 2005

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Utah-Wyoming Women's Basketball Quotes

Elaine Elliott on Her 450th Win
"I'm glad we have won games, obviously, because I wouldn't still be here if we hadn't."

Elaine Elliott on the Victory Over Wyoming
"Wyoming has a nice club. They just won at the Y a few days ago on the road. You've got to give (Joe Legerski) credit for getting some good, young kids. He's got that nice freshman from Australia. He's got a JC kid. He's still got (Ashley) Elliot. He's putting together a program and you can see it in that team."

Elaine Elliott on Leading Early, Then Falling Behind
"I am not surprised (by giving up a 7-0 lead). That is like saying we expect to win by 50 every night. We expect to compete and at the end you hope you are ahead. You don't concern yourselves with by how much that may be."

Elaine Elliott on Shona Thorburn's Performance
"The good thing is, she is playing with some aggressiveness. She's getting to the rim on people and we have got to have that. We've gotta have some aggressive play. We can't just hit and miss on jump shots and stand around and watch Kim (Smith) play. Shona's play to the basket and off the dribble has been really big for us."

Elaine Elliott on Wrapping Up a Five-Game Homestand
"We've had fewer preseason road games, which is nice for me, because after 22 years I am tired of the road. Now we are in league play and it has all evened up. Everybody has seven at home and seven on the road. That's what it is supposed to be. All even."

Shona Thorburn on Her 27-Point Game
"I am being more aggressive to the hole. In second half, that opened me up for some three-pointers."



Shona Thorburn on the Victory Over Wyoming
"Joe (Legerski) was here I don't know how many years. Our team never gives up and he carries that on to his team, so we knew they weren't going to give up. They were going to go hard until the buzzer went off at the end."

Shona Thorburn on Coach Elliott's 450th Win
"It's huge for her, even though she wouldn't say it. It's a very large accomplishment for me. Obviously we are so proud of her. It is awesome to play for a coach who has 450 wins under her belt. She definitely knows what she is doing."

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