Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Post Game Quotes - Game 16


Jan. 17, 2008

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Utah Guard Morgan Warburton: "We're happy with our eight-game winning streak."

"At times it is tiring playing the entire game, but at times it's fun to play the entire time and get into the rhythm of the game. But it is tiring. Since we play Saturday we have to get used to the schedule and be ready to play every time."

"That really was a battle. They [SDSU] are a really great team. They've grown a lot over the past couple of years and have some good players this year. It's going to be a test going over to their place; we'll have to play hard, if not harder."

"We are taking care of our bodies and have people working with us so we can last all season. Our coaches are always thinking about us, they are smart and know what to do every time. They will sometimes cut a practice to save our legs so we can play harder."

Utah Guard Leilani Mitchell:
"They did a really good job. They are an extremely athletic team. They looked to score a lot of points in transition, and for the most part, we did a good job at getting back and stopping that. So that took a lot of their offense away."

"We are playing pretty well now, but tonight wasn't a great game for us. It was ugly, but we pulled it out, which was good. We struggled everywhere tonight, but we are going to have games like that where we don't play well. It's still good that we pulled it out and made it through the game."

Utah head coach Elaine Elliott:
"I think that, in general, we did a good job tonight. They are the most athletic team in our league. They want points off of turnovers, and that was a push for us because I think we had a few more points off of turnovers. So that's an important statistic for us too."

"We have been pressured a lot in the pre-season too. For them, they have to get the right people in the right places. They've got two bigs, and it's harder for us to trap. When they go small, that's when they really jumped us in the half court and tried to disrupt Leilani at that time. Pick your poison: her best kids are the big kids, but she can get even more athletic when they're smaller, so you've got to manage both."



"I thought our team was very focused. I was pleased. I felt our team was very focused on the next play. So if they struggled once and had a turnover, we managed a play at the other end. That's maturation for our kids."

San Diego State Head Coach Beth Burns:
"Well, I think that you're very fortunate here. The coach you have, Elaine Elliott, she does a great job every year. She's a remarkable offense coach and has the ability to play to the strengths she has and I think that when you look at this team and there's a difference from a year ago. She's been able to add a terrific point guard and the kind of things that they do. They're really a lot different. But they really have an advantage with the things they do great. It's tough to guard the `big three' and I think that we had no answer for Warburton.

"In all, I don't think our defense lost the game. But I think we have just been struggling a little from the perimeter. And Utah does a great job of using their strengths. We have two freshman `bigs' that are our leading scorers and leading rebounders; they just weren't going to let them beat them. With one of my freshman big, this was her first game ever at altitude and she's never experienced it. It's a difference and I think it hit her a little bit as well as a whole lot of Utes surrounding her. So the Utes have a good ball guarder, but it's not going to be the last team that guards us that way. Utah has a very good team and they have as good a chance as any to winning the league."

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