Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah vs. New Mexico Quotes

Feb. 19, 2011

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Janita Badon

"Hard work actually does pay off. We were just looking for the results (as in the win) and it finally came."

"This win was so much. We were down pretty much the whole game. It teaches the young players that our coaches actually do know what they are talking about."

On her second-half performance:

"I wanted to win. I don't feel like I did anything in the first half for my team. I`m the leader, I'm the oldest. I had a talk with myself that I needed to lead this team so I put them on my back and good things happened."

Michelle Plouffe

"It was just our effort. We came out at halftime knowing that we had to play. There was no time to wait. We had to put our passion and effort on the floor in the second half."

"This builds up excitement for our next game."

Iwalani Rodrigues

"When I was struggling, I was really down and thinking how I could help my team in other ways so I tried to be a good defender."

"We're going to go in with more confidence as we go along."

Interim Head Coach Anthony Levrets

"It was a great team win. We battled, we competed, and never gave up which is just like how the year has been."

"I challenged them at halftime. We felt like we should have won the game at Wyoming. Those kinds of things are hard to come back from to play the emotional game against BYU, we came back in that game and lost by three, then to play Wyoming, felt like we had a chance to win but didn't. We have to turn around enjoy this and have to be ready for TCU. There's no let up."

On Janita:

"I challenged her at halftime. I talked to her about what we needed. She's been through this before and none of these other kids have been through this as full-time starters, big-minute kids on the floor. Not one kid on our team. She needed to lead us and I was very happy to see her lead. She may the right play on every single possession except for one. And that's an amazing thing for her. We went away from our motion stuff and put the ball in her hands. She made the right play almost every single time."



On Iwalani at the end:

"She passed up a shot and came over to me. I told her she was as good a shooter as anybody I've coached in 15 years and the next time she's open to shoot it, because it's going in. And before the game is over, you're going to make a huge three for us. She's a sophomore too. She needs to understand that `because I've missed 4 or 5, I'm still a good shooter.'"

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