Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Follow the Women's Basketball Team Through Scandinavia: Day 1

May 8, 2013

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The Utah women's basketball team is currently on a 10-day trip through Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Follow the Utes travels as they travel through Scandinavia through player diaries and photos, which will be posted each day of their trip. Today's diary entry is from Nakia Arquette.

Today we traveled a total of about 13 hours but are so glad to finally be in Sweden! The flights weren't bad at all with the food, movies, and music accommodations that were provided. We tried to take a train to the Eiffel Tower while in Paris waiting for the connecting flight to Stockholm but unfortunately it didn't work out. We purchased tickets and then figured out the train ride was going to be too long for the layover. We ended up selling our tickets to people at the airport for 5.

We went to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and were able to walk around a little before making our way back to the hotel. Overall the trip has started off great and the only we need is sleep!



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