Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Follow the Women's Basketball Team Through Scandinavia: Day 4

Cheyenne Wilson with a palace guard in Sweden.

Cheyenne Wilson with a palace guard in Sweden.

May 11, 2013

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The Utah women's basketball team is currently on a 10-day trip through Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Follow the Utes travels as they travel through Scandinavia through player diaries and photos, which will be posted each day of their trip. Today's diary entries are from Cheyenne Wilson and Ariel Reynolds.

Sweden has been such a great experience so far. The sightseeing has been incredible and it's not like anything I've seen before. It's so fun to hear everyone talk in Swedish and just being around the culture makes me really enjoy life. We went on a scavenger hunt, and that's probably been my favorite thing so far. Unfortunately, J.D, Rita, and I didn't win but the running around like chickens with our heads cut off was fun and memorable. While on this hunt, we had to take pictures with certain things in them and one thing we had to do was take a picture with one of the guards that stood outside of the royal palace. As we were walking to take a picture with him the guard yelled at J.D and said "BEHIND THE LINE". No one saw the invisible line besides him and J.D asked "WHAT LINE?" It was so funny because he scared us all and J.D asked in a very concerned way where the line was. I'll never forget that little memory we all shared. Good times. I was super jet lagged in our game but I nearly fouled out trying to move my feet. It's really difficult attempting to play a game after traveling all the way across the country. We pulled out a win though, that's all that mattered. Go Utes!



Dear diary,

Today has been a drag........ I am not used to this time difference yet at all and it is FRIDAY now. Feels like Wednesday to be honest. But I must say that I'm really enjoying this trip!! Yesterday was fun winning the Amazing Race with Awa and Coleman. After that I just wanted to sleep. The sights here are beautiful and nothing like I expected. It is really hot here so now on this 7 hour bus ride I'm hoping it will also be hot in Norway!!




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