Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Women's Gymnasts Upset at Stanford

Denise Jones finished <BR>second overall. <BR>(file photo)

Denise Jones finished
second overall.
(file photo)

March 6, 1998

STANFORD, Calif. - The No. 3 ranked University of Utah gymnastics team started out flat, then got flattened by No. 18 Stanford, 195.550-194.275. It was Stanford's best score of the year and Utah's worst on a night that the Utes fell five times.

"We were flat from the first event and never got it rolling," said Utah coach Greg Marsden, who saw his team fall to 6-2--the first time Utah has lost two regular season meets in nine years. "This was an opportunity for us to compete against a good team on their floor and have a good meet. We just didn't do it."

Theresa Wolf started the meet for Utah with a fall on her bar dismount. The other five Utes hit their routines, but nearly all of them struggled. Utah started its next event in similar fashion, as Sarah Northrop sat both vaults to set up a relatively lackluster set. Just about everyone got in the act of falling, with Angie Leonard--the nation's top ranked all-arounder--crashing on both floor and beam. Despite their bout with the spills, the Utes weren't out of it until the final event. Down by half a point going into beam, Utah needed a big score to make a run at the Cardinal, who were recording season-best scores on every event.

It didn't happen. Two Utes toppled off the beam and Shannon Bowles--the nation's sixth ranked beam worker--had a major break. Only Denise Jones escaped the medley of falls. Jones posted a 39.00 all-around to finish second to Stanford's Amy Murakami (39.25).

1. Amy Murakami (S) 39.250, 
2. Denise Jones (U) 39.00, 
3. Shannon Bowles (U) 38.75, 
4. Angie Leonard (U) 38.125. 

1. Larissa Fontaine (S) 9.875, 
2. (tie) Jennie Wilson (S), Keri Monahan (S) 9.85, 
4. (tie) Shannon Bowles (U), Amy Murakami (S) 9.725, 
6. Angie Leonard (U) 9.70

1. Larissa Fontaine (S) 9.90, 
2. Amy Murakami (S) 9.85, 
3. (tie) Shannon Bowles (U), Angie Leonard (U) 9.825, 
5. (tie) Molly Northrop (U), Kim Young (S) 9.80.

1. (tie) Amy Murakami (S), Keri Monahan (S) 9.85, 
3. (tie) Denise Jones (U), Kim Young (S) 9.825, 
5. (tie) Ashley Kever (U), Katie Fitzpatrick (S) 9.725.

1. Keri Monahan (S) 9.90, 
2. (tie) Theresa Wolf (U), Kim Young (S) 9.875, 
4. (tie) Amy Murakami (S), Kim Young (S) 9.825, 
6. (tie) Denise Jones (U), Ashley Kever (U) 9.725. 

Tracey Kohl           9.625   Sarah Northrop       9.050
Amy Murakami          9.725   Angelika Schatton    9.650   
Denise Jones          9.675   Jenny Wilson         9.850   
Traci Sommer          9.675
Keri Monahan          9.850   Shannon Bowles       9.725
Larissa Fontaine      9.875   Angie Leonard        9.700 
                              Annie Thananopavarn  9.675 
Jenny Wilson          9.775   Theresa Wolf    9.175
Sarah Harding         9.750   Marilyn Ekdahl  9.750    
Denise Jones          9.775   Amy Murakami    9.850 
Katie Fitzpatrick     9.225   Molly Northrop  9.800   
Shannon Bowles        9.825   Kim Young       9.800
Larissa Fontaine      9.900   Angie Leonard   9.825 

Keri Monahan          9.850   Ashley Kever    9.725
Kim Young             9.825   Denise Jones    9.825
Katie Fitzpatrick     9.725   Angie Leonard   9.325 
Amy Murakami          9.850   Theresa Wolf    9.350
Larissa Fontaine      8.425   Shannon Bowles  9.525 
Jennifer Exaltacion   9.200   Angie Leonard   9.825 

Jenny Wilson    9.625   Denise Jones    9.725
Tracey Kohl     9.825   Ashley Kever    9.725
Kim Young       9.875   Angie Leonard   9.275
Keri Monahan    9.900   Theresa Wolf    9.875
Sarah Harding   9.175   Shannon Bowles  9.675 
Amy Murakami    9.825   Traci Sommer    9.750

Final Score 195.550 Final Score 194.275



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