Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Gabriella Onodi Submits Her First Journal Entry

Gabriella Onodi will miss the first meet with a slight knee injury.

Gabriella Onodi will miss the first meet with a slight knee injury.

Jan. 10, 2004

First, I'd like to apologize for the lateness of my journal entry. My turn was right before finals and I was too busy to write it then. Right now we're in sunny Los Angeles waiting for our first meet of the year against UCLA. Since we're still on break, we came a day early. We're staying near the beach, so most of us walked to Venice Beach and hung out ... very interesting. I won't be able to compete in the meet because I sprained my knee last week. It's nothing serious and it should be OK in a week or so.

I stayed in Salt Lake City over Christmas break. Greg, Craig (our custodian) and I went to the gym every day and had fun practices. Seriously! The rest of the team returned to town on Dec. 27. We had fun getting caught up, although Aki didn't really like it when Gritt and I were talking between two elements on the bars. We also watched the event finals from last year's nationals. We saw how good we want to be and we enjoyed watching A.B., V and Mel in the finals again. Go Utah!

On the Dec. 31, we started the practice at 9:00 in the morning in order to get done in time to watch our football team play in the Liberty Bowl. It was our first day of practice where we did full routines instead of parts on every event. It went well, so we finished the practice with a good feeling and everybody was ready to welcome the year of 2004.

Mel and A.B. watched the game with Greg and Megan. The girls staying in the hotel also had fun. They had a New Year's "swimming pool party"! I had a party with lot of other Hungarian people. We danced a lot and had fireworks, too.

Although everybody had lots of fun safely, the team looked a bit tired on Friday. Greg wasn't too happy about it. We weren't either. By Saturday we collected our strength and had a fun practice. That's the way we do it!

Finally we finished the week with some conditioning and we picked one element from our skills that we had to work on.

I can't wait for the meet tonight and our first home meet on Jan. 16. Hope to see you all there in the Huntsman Center.

Thanks for reading my journal. I hope everybody enjoyed it!

Go Utes!




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