Go Utes!
Go Utes!
2012 Pac-12 Gymnastics Championship Post-Meet Quotes

March 24, 2012


Arizona Wildcats
Head Coach Bill Ryden
"We did a good job. We came in just doing what we normally do, trying to hit 24 of 24. We had a few bobbles on the first two events, unexpectedly. But I'm most proud of the fact of how we just kept rising. And even when we had the fall on beam at the end, I knew that the team wouldn't let the fall on beam affect them. They'll rise to the occasion. It's nice to have a good meet. This ends the regular season by NCAA terms and so we'll take this as a springboard into our postseason.

"With a team like us, the crowd is great, and of course the Utah crowd is incredibly knowledgeable, but we're so into ourselves on the floor that we almost have an `us against the world' mentality. It's one of those things that you look at after the meet and reflect on. We're so focused during the event, especially during a meet like this, which has no byes. If you blink, the meet will be over. It's going to go fast, but the atmosphere was good."

Arizona State
Head Coach John Spini
"I was happy that we fought to come back. We stumbled on bars big time, had to count a 9.0. Then the kids just didn't give up, they fought back and luckily another team missed and we moved into that second position. We're just trying to train for Regionals. Overall I was so excited about the crowd and the Pac-12 event. It was so nice and I think Utah did a wonderful job."

Head Coach Danna Durante
"I think based on how we have been up and down this year, we had a lot we are coming back from. The program was dropped last year and we came back. I am proud of how we finished off. I am really proud of how we fought today. We have been trying to teach them how to be competitors and they showed some of that today. We still have a long way to go, but our girls are fighters, and I am proud of where we are. I am looking forward to already getting back in the gym and training for next season.



Head Coach Joanne Bowers
"Our last couple on bars, which was very uncharacteristic of us, struggled. I still felt that we were OK, but something snapped in us and we began to go down the wrong path. When we went to beam we didn't have the right mindset, which is just unacceptable. We have done well the last three weekends and in practice. We have to be mentally tougher. It was a very disappointing day for us."


Oregon State Beavers
Head Coach Tanya Chaplin
"We had a fall in the first two events, but thanks to a great team effort we didn't have to count a fall. They stayed focused and built momentum as they went on. I was really excited to see the way they competed tonight from the start to the finish.

"[Melanie Jones] had a great competition in the all-around, but it really was a great performance. I was really proud of all of them. Makayla [Stambaugh] did a great job, too. Leslie [Mak], after having that fall and putting that behind her then coming back and finishing out strong in the next three events, it says a lot about her and what she's all about."

Stanford Cardinal
Head Coach Kristen Smyth
"I thought we had a great meet on three events. Best three events we have had all year. We are really starting to build and get more athletes in the lineup. We saw that tonight, and I am really proud of their efforts in three events. Last event, bars, has typically been our best event. So it was extremely uncharacteristic. I think maybe we got a little unfocused on that last event. I am not exactly sure what happened there, it takes all four events. So we are going to work on making sure we put them all together. It's a great team and a great event, I am very proud, it is a lot of fun."

UCLA Bruins
Head Coach Valorie Kondos Field
"We were really excited to come out here for the inaugural Pac-12 Championship meet because we knew Utah would do it big and they would do it just like a national championship, and that's exactly what it felt like. People were emailing me through the course of the week saying this is going to be the biggest meet of the season, next to the national championships, the Super Six, and it certainly turned out that way. It was an exciting competition. It was hard, I always want to keep myself in my little Bruin bubble and it was really hard to do that, not just because of the fans, but because of the teams. Every team was doing great and that's how you want athletics to go.

"I really didn't think we had a chance going into the last rotation. I know it isn't over until the fat lady sings and all that, and that's what we preach, but it was important to me that our athletes went out and competed well because this is all a dress rehearsal for the national championship scene. Regardless of how we finished, it was important for us to compete as we train in that event and we did."

Utah Utes
Head Coach Greg Marsden
"Well, that was really fun. We have been without a conference for a long time. If tonight was anything like it is going to be than it is going to be a fun ride. This was a great experience for us."

On if they had knowledge of what was happening with other teams
"No. We kind of shot ourselves in the foot and had a couple mistakes on beam. We felt like we had taken ourselves out of the meet at that point, so we were just over there kind of having fun, trying to finish off floor like Utah does and entertain our fans. We had no idea people were kind of coming back to us."

On starting rotation
"Obviously, Cassandra got us started out with a great routine and then it was a snowball effect and everybody just got better and better throughout the rotation."

Sophomore Corrie Lothrop
"It was exciting to be able to go out and perform my routines like I have been practicing and contribute as much to the team as I could."

Freshman Kassandra Lopez
"We did really good on bars and were really pumped. Beam is something that we need to kind of chill out, but we approach it the same way. Things happen and you've just got to go out in the gym and practice and try to improve."

Senior Stephanie McAllister
"Our goal coming into tonight was to have fun. We all had a great time. There were mistakes, but that is part of gymnastics. There were some really good things. We have practiced all year to stay relaxed and have fun. I can honestly say we all had a great time being out there, and it was an honor for us to hold the first ever Pac-12 Championships here. We were really excited and the atmosphere was really good."

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