Go Utes!
Go Utes!
2012 Gymnastics NCAA Regional Championship Post-Meet Quotes

April 7, 2012

Host - University of Utah


Arizona State Sun Devils
Head Coach John Spini
"I thought the meet was a great experience, there was a great crowd. We struggled on bars. We didn't have a lot of missed routines, but I think bars was the roughest set we did and we needed some scores to go, [we needed to] hit routines. I thought the scores didn't show the job we did. What can I say, I was very pleased with our performance.

"I think Samantha Seaman did really well as an All-Arounder, and did a great job for us as a sophomore. She's going to be a great gymnast. She did an outstanding vault and I was just really pleased with her overall.

"This is a great arena to compete in. The fans love the gymnastics, they're not very bias. I think this is one of the best arenas to compete in gymnastically in the country."

Iowa State Cyclones
Head Coach Jay Ronayne
"We have been a lot better. It is quite disappointing. On our third event, to let an opportunity slide away and it hurts. Fourth event to be pretty strong, it takes a little sting out of it. I am proud of the way the girls performed all year. This isn't indicative of their talent, but I still am very proud.

"We aren't really looking at next season yet. We actually will have a fairly new look to the team next year, with six new faces. It is going to be a brand new team. But right now we are going to look back at the season; it was actually a lot of fun. It was very successful, this night was not, but the body of the season speaks more to what we are about."

Minnesota Golden Gophers
Head Coach Meg Stephenson

"We are a very young team and we came out a little jittery the first two events, but we came back the last two and are thrilled with our finish. We did a great job of meeting our seed tonight and finishing third.

"Nebraska and Utah are very strong teams and we would have had to do a lot to beat them. I'm so proud of our two sophomores that are advancing in the All-Arounds."



Nebraska Huskers
Head Coach Dan Kendig
"I felt if we came in and hit 11 of 12 of our first routines, then we would get in the top two and go on to nationals. Nothing rattled our team tonight, we were on beam when Utah was on floor and the place was really loud. However nobody on our team complained and they haven't complained all year. Utah is an extremely talented team and so are we. We have history together and have a mutual respect for each other. I am very proud of this team and how we have performed all year."

San Jose State Spartans
Head Coach Wayne Wright

"We came in as a six-seed and are going out as a five-seed so I'm happy with our performance. We didn't do as well as we are capable of but overall there were a lot of positives to take from tonight.

"Katie Valleau did a great job on floor tonight. Cassandra Harrison did an excellent new tumble on the floor routine. Thomasina Wallace was probably her best overall that she has been all year."

Utah Utes
Head Coach Greg Marsden

"It was great to finally put a meet together and go 24 of 24 routines. I have always said that when we do that, we would be happy with the result and that is how it ended up tonight."

"During the regular season if you have a bad meet, you still get to compete next Friday. With post season you do not necessarily get that chance."

Kyndal Robarts
"It was fun and it was nice to get a win. We have struggled a bit, so it was nice to come out and go 24 of 24, especially on the real senior night here."

Stephanie McAllister
"Going 24 of 24 into nationals definitely helps and gives us confidence. Now the pressure is off of qualifying for nationals."

Kassandra Lopez
"It was nice to go back out there after falling at the Pac-12 Championships. I went into the gym and worked hard and to come back out and do well gives me a lot of confidence and takes pressure off."

Georgia Dabritz
"I thing coming off bars with a win at the Pac-12 Championships helped my confidence a lot. But I still had things to work on and have worked hard. It was really fun to do well tonight and having our team go 24 of 24."

Brigham Young Cougars
Head Coach Brad Cattermole

"They did fine. It is tougher to do this meet without a team. The girls don't see this as an individual sport; they see it as a team sport. You want to be here with your team. In 25 years of doing this, this is only the second time we haven't had a team. The other time was like this year when we had a bunch of kids hurt. So, coming up here and doing it by yourself is a tougher way to do go, but I felt like the girls did really well. They tried as hard as they could. We probably didn't have our best meet, but they did fine, and I was proud of them."

Utah State Aggies
Head Coach Jeff Richards

"I know that we were really excited to be here, and the kids are really young. Paige (Jones) was here last year, and had a little bit of a rough meet. I know she tried to recover after the first two events. I know that she wanted to shine being so close to home. It was great to see Rebecca Holliday do well. She really shined tonight, and I was really proud of her. She had a great meet. Sarah (Landes), it was exciting. Going into the last event, I couldn't even watch beam. She had a shot to be the second all-arounder to go to nationals. It just wasn't in the cards tonight."

Freshman Sarah Landes - on being with the Utah team
"I looked at it as an advantage because they are obviously an amazing team. So to compete with that and see them doing that, I feel like I should be doing what they are doing and getting the same scores. I really liked competing with them. They were a great team, really welcoming. By the end, I almost felt like I was part of their team. I really felt pumped up."

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