Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Who's The Strongest Red Rock?

Aug. 29, 2012

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SALT LAKE CITY - The Utah Red Rocks' annual strength testing took place Aug. 22-23, and junior Hailee Hansen, a native of Bountiful, Utah, claimed her second-consecutive championship.

Utah's junior class captured the top four places with Lia Del Priore taking second, Corrie Lothrup finishing third and Nansy Damianova coming in fourth. Kailah Delaney and Kassandra Lopez, both sophomores, placed fifth and sixth, respectively.

Hansen's performance was highlighted by two first-place finishes, climbing the 13-foot rope in 4.2 seconds and doing 15 kip cast handstands. Del Priore won a competition-best three events, recording a vertical jump of 26.5 inches, doing 36 tricep dips, and finishing the three-mile run in 23 minutes and one second.



Lothrup claimed one individual title, completing 31 pull-up & overs. Damianova placed first in a pair of events, performing 77 sit-ups in 60 seconds and logging 45 piked handstand push-ups. Delaney was fastest in the 40-yard sprints, averaging 5.504 seconds over 10 runs. Georgia Dabritz placed out of the top six but won the handstand hold with a time of one minute and 28 seconds.
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