Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah Gymnastics Live TONIGHT from UCLA

Jan. 12, 2013


Live scores and commentary from tonight's meet between No. 5 Utah and No. 2 UCLA will be posted below. The meet, which will be televised live nationally on the Pac-12 Networks, is scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m. Mountain Time (7:30 PT). Since the meet is being televised, UCLA will not be streaming video on the internet.

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Official Scores & Live Audio Broadcast

UCLA                                UTAH
Dana McDonald             9.875     Mary Beth Lofgren       9.700
Sydney Sawa               9.800     Nansy Damianova         9.825
Monique De La Torre       9.825     Lia Del Priore          9.850
Olivia Courtney           9.900     Georgia Dabritz         9.875
Kaelie Baer               9.875     Corrie Lothrop          9.800
Vanessa Zamarripa         9.825     Tory Wilson             9.900
VT: 49.300; Running: 49.300         VT:49.250; Running: 97.325
Utah vault notes:
Mary Beth Lofgren did a nice job on her first vault since
2011. She was a little low, but stuck it nicely.
That was one of Nansy Damianova's better vaults. Like MB,
she has not vaulted to count since 2011, but this one
will help her. Nice form and stick.
Lia Del Priore competed in her first routine to count
in two years and almost hit her career high of 9.875,
scoring a 9.85. Nice vault.
Georgia Dabritz looked in her All-America form from last April
with that vault. Good amplitude, form and stick.
Corrie Lothrop was dinged a 10th for a small step
on her dismount. Wondering if she might have been close
to the horse, but I'm not at a good angle. That could
account for another tenth if she was.
Tory Wilson had a "wow!" vault. Huge height, distance and
a perfect landing. Great vault.

BARS BARS Danusia Francis 9.675 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.125 Olivia Courtney 9.850 Breanna Hughes 9.850 Sophina DeJesus 9.300 Nansy Damianova 9.225 Mattie Larson 9.875 Hailee Hansen 9.275 Lichelle Wong 9.900 Corrie Lothrop 9.850 Vanessa Zamarippa 9.975 Georgia Dabritz 9.875 UB: 49.275; Running: 98.575 UB: 48.075; Running: 48.075 Utah bar notes: Mary Beth Lofgren fell after replacing Kassandra Lopez, who injured her calf in practice Thursday. Lopez had been scheduled to go all-around. Breanna Hughes sure turned in a gutsy first-ever routine coming off MB's fall. Smooth throughout and nice stick on full in dismount. I don't even know what happened with Nansy Damianova. I thought it was a warmup because she started to go on the low bar and all of the sudden, she was just standing with her feet on the ground. Normally solid Hailee Hansen started out strong, but missed on her second release move and fell. Corrie Lothrop had no issues but was a little slow on the bars compared to her normal routine. Maybe a little cautious. Georgia "No Grips" Dabritz pulled off a beauty. Live, great swings, straight handstands, big release with stick.

BEAM BEAM Kaelie Baer 9.775 Tory Wilson 9.275 Mattie Larson 9.850 Becky Tutka 9.750 Olivia Courtney 9.525 Breanna Hughes 9.825 Sophina DeJesus 9.825 Georgia Dabritz 9.875 Vanessa Zamarippa 9.925 Corrie Lothrop 9.825 Danusia Francis 9.925 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.600 BB: 49.375; Running: 147.875 BB: 48.875; Running: 195.300 Utah beam notes: Tory Wilson had a great routine going until the very end when she couldn't hold on to her back pike and fell. Becky Tutka looked great on her first beam routine. She replaced injured Kassandra Lopez and moved well back and forth with no major deductions. Great debut for Breanna Hughes. She has a little balance check on her first series, but that was it. She has a nice long look to her and she moves well. Hey Georgia, you CAN do beam. Dabritz walks through that routine without a hitch. Her routine really flowed. Corrie Lothrop's routine looked so good to me that I was baffled at her deductions. Lya Wodraska tells me that her first tumbling move was a little low, although she stuck it fine. I was blocked by the cameraman. Mary Beth Lofgren had a big balance check and a medium one, which overshadowed some good gymnastics.

FLOOR FLOOR Dana McDonald 9.850 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.800 Sadiqua Bynum 9.800 Nansy Damianova 9.850 Sophina DeJesus 9.875 Tory Wilson 9.725 Alyssa Pritchett 9.925 Becky Tutka 9.850 Vanessa Zamarripa 9.950 Corrie Lothrop 9.825 Olivia Courtney 9.950 Georgia Dabritz 9.775 FX: 49.550; Running: 197.425 FX: 49.100; Running: 146.425 Utah floor notes: Mary Beth Lofgren's floor routine looks better to me than when she was in the lineup her freshman year. Her tumbling was solid and her dance was nice. Call her Nansy "Dancy" Damianova. Great dance. She hit her tumbling passes as well. Too bad Tory Wilson went just a little long on her huge clean double layout. She also skittered a little landing her second tumbling pass. The step out cost her a 10th. Becky Tutka killed that one! Wow her tumbling is huge. That was an awesome routine! Nice solid routine by Corrie Lothrop. Small, small step out of her first full in. A couple of other small things that might have amounted to deductions. Georgia Dabritz was low on her first tumbling pass, although she did manage to hit it cleanly and get her feet under her. I'm not really sure why her score was so low unless she missed some element.

UCLA Final Score: 197.425 Utah Final Score 195.300

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