Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah Gymnastics Live TONIGHT From UC-Berkeley

Jan. 17, 2014

BERKELEY, Calif.--

Scores and commentary from tonight's meet between No. 4 Utah and California in Berkeley, Calif., will be posted below. There is no live video stream. Click here for Official Live Scores.

You will need to hit your reload/refresh key for updates on scores and commentary. Introductions are scheduled to start at 8:00 p.m. MST and the first scores and comments should begin to appear about 15 minutes later.

CALIFORNIA                       UTAH
VAULT                            VAULT
Charlie Owens         8.850      Becky Tutka           9.850
Madison Kratzke       9.675      Lia Del Priore        9.675
Crystal Paz           9.725      Nansy Damianova       9.825
Dallas Crawford       9.825      Kailah Delaney        9.950
Serena Leong          9.850      Tory Wilson           9.975
Alicia Asturias       9.950      Georgia Dabritz       9.900
VT: 49.025; Running: 49.025      VT: 49.500; Running: 98.825
Utah vault notes: Really nice vault by Becky Tutka.
She had great form and a nice landing.
Lia Del Priore's vault looked a little flat following
Becky's and she didn't stick her landing.
Nansy Damianova got way out on the mat. Nice vault.
Kailah Delaney's vault looked absolutely perfect. I'll
need a video replay to see her half tenth deduction.
Tory Wilson absolutely nailed a huge, high flying vault.
One judge gave her a 10.0. Ute fans wanted more!
Georgia threw her one and a half vault and it was a beauty
other than a small step on the landing.

BARS BARS Madison Kratzke 9.725 Breanna Hughes 9.850 Jessica Howe 9.750 Tory Wilson 9.825 Charlie Owens 9.775 Hailee Hansen 9.825 Emily Richardson 9.650 Corrie Lothrop 9.900 Alicia Asturias 9.825 Nansy Damianova 9.850 Dallas Crawford 9.850 Georgia Dabritz 9.900 UB: 48.925; Running: 97.950 UB: 49.325; Running: 49.325 Utah bar notes: That may have been the best bar routine I've seen from Breanna Hughes. Great, great handstands. Tory Wilson didn't get quite straight on her last handstand but she had an absolute monster dismount. Hailee Hansen was dinged for a short handstand. Otherwise, nice routine. Corrie Lothrop just rocked the bars. Welcome back Colo! That was a beautiful routine from start to finish. Nansy Damianova finished really strong. She was short on one handstand part way into the routine. Georgia Dabritz had an almost perfect routine until she couldn't quite hold her landing. She came close, but had to lean out of it a bit. This was a GREAT set!

BEAM BEAM Alicia Asturias 9.775 Corrie Lothrop 9.800 Charlie Owens 9.850 Baely Rowe 9.200 Madison Kratzke 9.800 Breanna Hughes 9.825 Serena Leong 9.850 Tory Wilson 9.800 Desiree Palomares 9.775 Kailah Delaney 9.850 Jessica Howe 9.875 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.300 BB: 49.150; Running: 147.150 BB: 48.575; Running: 196.875 Utah beam notes: Corrie Lothrop had a slight bobble at the beginning but was rock solid on target the rest of the routine. Baely Rowe fell on a front flip of some sort early in the routine. Too bad because the rest of her routine was really nice. Breanna Hughes was big time coming after a fall with just a little bobble keeping her from a bigger score. The judging has been really good and consistent all night, but I thought Kailah Delaney might get a 9.95 instead of a 9.85. I thought her routine was stunning.

FLOOR FLOOR Charlie Owens 9.100 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.825 Desire Palimores 9.800 Lia Del Priore 9.875 Alicia Asturias 9.800 Tory Wilson 9.850 Jessica Howe 9.800 Georgia Dabritz 9.950 Serena Leong 9.900 Becky Tutka 9.925 Crystal Paz 9.850 Nansy Damianova 9.875 Fx: 49.125; Running: 196.275 FX: 48.375; Running: 148.300 Utah floor notes: That's the second really nice floor routine in two weeks by Mary Beth Lofgren. Lia Del Priore's routine was picture perfect. Didn't see any errors. Tory Wilson really had it going. Tons of air, nailed her double layout, big leaps, but she had a step on her final double back. Georgia Dabritz was amazing on her tumbling passes until a little step on her last pass. I mean, she dropped out of the sky and her feet just stuck to the mat. Nansy Damianova wasn't quite as sharp as her usually perfect first pass landing, but it what anyone else would consider good. She had a little step on the second landing from a tumbling pass.

Cal Final Score 196.275 Utah Final Score 196.875

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